Good Bye Canada and Random Memories

Anyone following our trail will see our track doing circles at the borders.  Somewhere along the loop, we learned of the tradition of doing a 360 degree circle at borders (thanks Steve) .  So state borders and Canadian borders  – each boat does a loop.  Fitting for looper don’t your think?       Honking horns, waiving flags and circles – you might guess the crews are ready to re-enter the US.

Thank you Canada for a wonderful and memorable six weeks!

  • June 27- We entered Canada at Prinyers Cove/ Picton area .
  • We met distant relatives in Belleville,
  • celebrated Canada’s 150th in Trenton,
  • Entered the Trent Severn Water way. ( 44 locks)
  • We have completed about 110 locks on the loop- one more on the St Mary River to Lake Superior.
  • We enjoyed the fourth of July in Campbelford with red white and blue cupcakes
  • Enjoyed the hospitality of lock walls each night
  • Attended Ribfest in Peterborough and Scottish festival in Orillia
  • Traversed the worlds highest lift lock, and rode the only chute railroad lift.
  • July 20th began exploring Georgian Bay .
  • July 28th entered Killarney gateway to the North Channel
  • August 8th crossed to Drummond Island to check back in to the United States Customs.
  • We traversed over 650 miles in Canada Waters

A few random photos before we wrap it up with our “Crossing our Wake posting”.  These are photos I may not have posted- they just popped up as we have been browsing through our albums.       With mixed feelings, the next post will include our finish line at Mackinac Bridge!

We fly the small courtesy flag for Canada when in international waters; the other burgee is our Great Lakes Cruising Club burgee.

north Channel

Ice Cream is a staple in any tourist town- this is my sketch of a sign at Gilley’s in Georgian Bay.

north Channel

My art journals are getting full- must have at least 4 since we started over a year ago!

north Channel

Every day we are using the VHS radio- here Dave is checking in with the North Channel Cruisers Net morning show.

north Channel

We knew we were in our home waters of the Great Lakes when we heard the call of the loon.     the next shot is from the Huron Martyrs memorial.

clapperton and fallsHuron

Remember when? This shot is back on the rivers with M’Lady and Enterprise

At Orillia we joined about 15 boats that had stopped for the Scottish Festival.    A looper Progressive docktail party at Orillia. The city didn’t want open bottle on the docks, so we moved from boat to boat!

docktails Orillia

Having fun at Peterborough free concerts with Steve and Teresa and Pat and Cathy .

and another shot of friends from Sanctuary- Looks like we were having fun with Steve and Teresa:

friends lashers and us

The rock piles along the north shore are called Inukshuks. They indicate you are on the right path-   We felt this whole trip is certainly the right path for us, and with mixed feelings will be closing our loop in a few days, and then heading back to Lake Superior.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!      We appreciate all the new friends we have made on the waterways; and are looking forward to seeing our old friends that have supported us along our journey by keeping us in their hearts while we have been out cruising the eastern waterways.  Thanks for reading!

july 22


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