Kagawong, Bear Drop and Thessalon

Islands and harbors of  Clapperton , Eagle Kagawong, and Bear Drop–many choices and no bad choices.   Clapperton Island had a friendly loon family .  They swam very close to our boat.

clapperton and falls

clapperton and falls

The Mama was not happy when the two little ones got curious and came right to our boat.

north Channel north Channel

Both Moon Shadow and Sanctuary crew were loving the photo opportunities!

north Channel

Celebrating on the water

How often can you help friends celebrate their 42nd anniversary in Canadian Waters?

An impromptu meeting on our dinghys made a nice picture for Steve and Teresa in front of their boat!!

north Channel

Finally – an anchorage with a view of the sunset!    Capturing with a camera is easier than capturing in water color!

north Channel north Channel


The short cruise to Kagawong saw building seas.   We were all glad it was only six miles across the bay- we can endure building seas and broad side waves for a less than an hour.

The Bridal Veil Falls is the main attraction at Kagawong.  We hiked a well marked trail to the falls with crew from Sanctuary and Southern Cross.
Some were more adventurous than others :

north Channel   north Channel

Tiny Faeiry homes were tucked  amongst the trees along the trail.
north Channel north Channel

Walking back to the boats, we came across the “shopping mall”.
north Channel

This town likes its warning signs!  Can you believe they were giving swimming lessons not far from this sign at the end of the pier..

IMG_1246.JPGOther signage along the trail:
north Channel   north Channel

There were no signs warning of snakes on the path.

north Channel


With continued forecast of rain and 18 mph wind, we looked for the best protection.    While the Benjamin Islands  have been promoted as the most popular, we continued on to Eagle Island Bay.

The guidebook mentioned a possible trail- we all went ashore and searched for trail signs.
north Channel  north Channel

The only ” signs”  we found were fresh bear poop and snakes sunning on the rocks.   Didn’t take long to get back in our dinghys and out to our boats.
north Channel


After a couple rainy windy days, we finally enjoyed a calm day and headed for Bear Drop Bay in the Whaleback Channel.    The rock formations were interesting, and Dave got a chance to do some fishing while Colleen did some entries in her art journal.
north Channel


August 7th – Continue west toward the small town of Thessalon, Ontario.  Anyone who still had Canadian currency was advised to spend it before returning to the United States.  This was our chance, unfortunately we had not counted on it being a Civic Holiday.   This town was closed!  It was even hard to find a landmark to take a photo  to prove we were here- will the Post office do? IMG_1408 We found one store open till 4, and even the Beer Store closed at 4pm.       Our loonies and toonies will go in a bag for future trips to Canada. Untitled Back at the dock for a “last day in Canada dock Party”. We checked out the very comfortable boaters lounge- nicest building in town! Thessalon

The full moon is calling us- time to move on toward the United States and the final days of 14 month loop adventure.

Thanks for reading.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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One Response to Kagawong, Bear Drop and Thessalon

  1. Teresa Lasher says:

    Always an adventure with Moonshadow & Southern Cross! One I wish to remember a very long time!


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