Oswego Waterway to Canada

We have crossed the Gulf of Mexico, the ocean, sounds and Chesapeake Bay.  Today we cross Lake Oneida and get ready to  leave the Erie for the Oswego Canal Water way.

First a few signs we need to figure out…
Erie Canal loopers Erie Canal loopers

and sometimes we are people watching; other times people are watchin us!
Erie Canal loopers


Anticipation and weather watching takes planning.  Our next jump is to cross Lake Oneida- if there are any high winds predicted, we would stay put.   It turned out to be a beautiful day, so the 25 mile lake crossing was a breeze.  Five hours on the move, we covered 36.8 miles  plus two locks and arrived at Brewerton, NY at 1:30.  We are still westbound on the Erie Canal, the turn off to Oswego is not too far ahead. (we will be doing half the Erie Canal, then turn North towards Canada)>

The scenery is gradually changing

: Leaving the erie

Leaving the erie Leaving the erie


There were about 6-7 looper boats in the marina.   Sanctuary had planned a wine / potluck for the evening. The tasting featured a variety of New York wines plus homemade wine provided by SeaQuest crew.   

  Its amazing the various stories shared by so many loopers.

Leaving the erie Leaving the erie

The marina provided a free courtesy van for a couple hours at a time; this allowed us to go get groceries and stock up for our trip to Canada.



Phoenix , NY City wall June 24

The rainy days are beginning to subside, today is mostly sunny.     We departed Brewerton with Sanctuary and Southern Cross.  

The fork in the road,   either continue east to Buffalo New York on the Erie Canal, or turn North towards Oswego and Lake Ontario!
Phoenix NY canal Phoenix NY canal

Phoenix NY canal

Our group is headed for Canada so we took a right and stopped at the city wall in Phoenix, NY.  This was a short 11 mile day; there aren’t too many places to stop, and we picked Phoenix.     There was plenty of room on the wall, and free electric!   The new waterfront deck had picnic tables, and a park setting. Leaving the Phoenix NY wall, lead us into a canal and under a lift bridge.   

Phoenix NY canal


Last stop on the Oswego Waterway canal is Oswego.   The city wall provided a good place to plan our crossing of Lake Ontario.   There is one more lock that will lead us into Lake Ontario.

Updated miles- 5687 miles since we left Mackinaw City in June 2016.


June 27 cross Lake Ontario to CANADA

Dave topped off the fuel before leaving Oswego, New York – added 42 gallons.  We anticipate high fuel prices in Canada, so plan to leave USA with a full tank.

7 hours on the move today; we did 52 miles and tied to a  mooring ball in Prinyers Cove on the north shore of Lake Ontario.  The mooring ball fee was $25, with high winds predicted it gave us peace of mind to be tied up rather than anchored.


Clearing customs is often a topic of discussion. It went smooth for our group- we each called in to customs, answered a few questions and received our customs clearance code.   

  Next stop is Picton Marina- 16 miles.

Its cloudy and rainy again, but everyone is excited to be cruising in Canada waters.


crossing lake ontario crossing lake ontario

crossing lake ontario crossing lake ontario
Some days are rougher than others.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned as we share our Canada travels with you.
Leaving the erie


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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  1. Darlene B says:

    Good Morning ❤️❤️👍👍been waiting for updates 😀😀 Your doing a Fairytale Excursion! Will be anxiously waiting to see your journal drawings Colleen👀👀safe travels!


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