Erie Canal; Waterford to Amsterdam to Rome Locks

A federal lock on the Hudson River is just a taste of locks to come.  Leaving the Hudson River behind us, our first stop is the Waterford city wall.   Walls will be our new friend as we cruise along the water ways.  Not really a marina, most often a concrete wall we parallel park and tie to cleats.   Prices range from free to about $30 per night.

Waterford is the beginning of the Erie Canal and the fee is $10 per night to cover electric hook ups.


Troy and Erie


The first set of six locks are all close together.   By 1:30 we had done 6 locks over 22 miles and stopped for the night at anchor near Scotia (we pulled in behind an island on the Mohawk river).


Soon we are already approaching lock 13 and will spend  the next night on the wall at Amsterdam, NY.
Erie canal loopers Erie canal loopers

Erie canal loopers

The wall is separated from the city by a pedestrian bridge.  To reach the bridge, we take an elevator up to the bridge.   This was an interesting Father’s Day spot, as It involved a trip to the ER and some R&R before continuing on the Erie.   Our group broke up into two going ahead, and Moon Shadow and Southern Cross spending the night on the wall at Amsterdam.

Near the park you will find a 9/11 memorial honoring a local first responder.

Erie canal loopers  Erie canal loopers


Today we cruised from Amsterdam to Canajoharie New York  It is 75 degrees with a light haze as we leave Amsterdam.  There are three locks to go through, each one takes about 20 minutes from arrival to departure.  We logged 22.6 miles , travel time of 4 hours.  

The wall with electric was full, so we pulled in to the wall overflow with no services.  Shortly after we arrived, a familiar boat pulled in-   Julie and Dan  on Gavidae. They are in our boating club in Minneapolis and are moving the boat they purchased in New York back to lake Superior.

here we are at the wall relaxing:
Erie canal loopers

In Canajoharie we visited the Beach Nut Museum at the library.



June 19;    The first lock was just past our dock – this started our day of locking. Lock 14, then 15,16,17 and finally lock 18 before we pulled in to the wall at Ilion.  Sanctuary and The Lower Place were here ahead of us, so it was a good chance to catch up.  We filled with fuel, and later learned the fuel price would have been less if we had waited 100 miles. 

Homes were built literally on the canal wall! Erie canal loopers

Our group rejoined at Ilion.   The guys could catch up on stories until dusk!
Erie canal loopers

Even our mascots got together for some fun:

Erie canal loopers    Erie canal loopers

Lock 17- example of massive structure:

Erie canal loopers

Some locks are crumbling!

Erie Canal loopers Erie canal loopers      Erie canal loopers     Erie canal loopers Erie canal loopers We just kept cruising along the canal from lock to lock. Erie canal loopers      Erie canal loopers

The main attraction at Ilion is the Remington factory and museum. Erie Canal loopers

Erie Canal loopers Erie Canal loopers

And we appreciate the view and the rainbow after the rain!

Erie Canal loopers Erie Canal loopers


Looking back at our travels up the Atlantic Coast, there were periods that we covered several states with in days, Delaware, New Jersey flew by. Then we entered New York on June 5.    Here we are in the Erie Canal on June 21 and still in New York!  This state has a lot more to it than NYC.
Erie Canal loopers

The city employee that helped us in recommended a few Italian restaurants.  He said with a city name of ROME we could expect good Italian food.     Our choice was the SAVOY, and it was a good time. The town was in better shape than the free dock wall would lead you to believe. Erie Canal We also found a neat Italian Market place that felt like we stepped back in time.    Came away with fresh pasta, sun dried tomatoes, sweet sausage and lots of good photos.



Erie Canal Erie Canal Erie Canal

Just for fun, Colleen did a photo shoot with our mascots;
Erie Canal loopers Erie Canal loopers
Our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Erie Canal loopers

If you are reading this along with our facebook, note that I am catching up slowly.  We are in Canada at the moment; and my posts are still in New York!   Too much fun, too little time for computers!    Enjoy, and read on.


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