Family at Croton On Hudson, then cruise up the Hudson

How fun to have my aunt and cousins on board in New York!   On Sunday June 13 we were excited to have Colleen’s cousins come to visit.  As a bonus, they also brought Aunt Pauline along.   Not often can you entertain your 95 year old Aunt on your boat!

There were mixed views on how it might feel to be on a boat for a year.  Both Pros and Cons were discussed as they looked out from our flybridge!


Discussions continued over lunch at the local BBQ diner.




What fun to see everyone and catch up.


The scenery is just beautiful as we head north.  The trains run right along both sides of the river.   In places the tracks and bridges our just along the water line!


Hudson River cruise

Hudson River cruise

Hudson River cruise

As we cruise along there are peaks at castles up on the hill.  We cruise past West Point and the Culinary Institute- both spots would have been good tours.

Hudson River cruise Hudson River cruise Hudson River cruise Hudson River cruise

There are the occasional ocean going ships- they call out their positions to let boats know they are coming down the river.

We traveled this section by our selves as our boat buddies had left the previous day.  We had such perfect water conditions , and were riding with the current.   It turned out to be a 90 mile day before we pulled in to an anchorage for the night.   Looks like we will catch up with the other boats tomorrow.  We anchored at Hough tailing River and had a very pleasant evening.


What a welcoming feeling to arrive in time for a pot luck dinner on the deck!   We also get to borrow a car to go for provisions and that makes for a great day too!

We took our turn after Steve and Teresa returned from Walmart!
Hudson Hudson


hudson river

hudson river

Next up- one federal lock on the Hudson, then we stop at Waterford on June 15th, this will be the beginning of the Erie Canal!! We have traveled 5,499 miles     Stay tuned.  More to come.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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