New York City; Today Show and Day 2

Who wants to go to NYC at 4:30 AM? By morning there were only six takers, but we had our looper posters  in hand, Teresa had her book to promote, and the guys were supportive if not excited to be going to NYC at 5 AM.

NYC day 2


Our driver did an excellent job maneuvering traffic (yes rush hour starts early here) and even pointed out a few hot spots for us to visit along the way. We arrived and were second in line for the show!

The show provided a free food truck serving coffee and snacks with donations going towards a good cause.

Teresa was our ring leader.   While doing the loop on Sanctuary, she is also promoting her book “Life is Good, Fragile and Precious”, along the way.  We are hoping to help her get a book to the on-air talent!

It was exciting to get a front row view of the show, although I hadn’t thought it through that we would be standing there for 3 hours hoping for a good camera shot!
NYC day 2
What a good time, we visited with the talent, and were entertained by  all the behind the scenes activity.     We were so confident our story would get us on the air; but didn’t factor in the appeal of a cute red headed 12 year old celebrating a birthday with aspirations to be a tv personality – he stole our air time!!



After the show we checked out the NBC gift shop and found a few recognizable features:
NYC day 2 NYC day 2



By 9am our moment of fame had passed, and time for breakfast!    heading down the street, The towering St Patrick Cathedral caught our attention.  A quick walk through on the way to a recommended eatery and good to go, and its FREE.

NYC statue of Liberty

cathedral nyc


Dave and I opted out of the tour to the top of the Empire State building, those that took it reported more time spent on  escalators, stairs and lines than actually viewing; but no complaints of the view!  With a price tag starting at $35 plus a bit more to get to the upper Observation towers, we felt we could spend $100 in another spot.
NYC statue of Liberty

While the rest of the group was in the Empire State Building, we walked down 5th avenue towards the Flat Iron Building.  This building has a unique shape and has been featured in various movies.

NYC statue of Liberty  TODAY SHOW LOOPERS

The Library – another Free spot worth visiting for its architecture, large reading room, gift shop and café.


TODAY SHOW LOOPERS   It is a great spot for photos, as the Madison Square Garden Plaza and people watching. Other sites along the way kept our cameras busy! NYC day 2NYC day 2 TODAY SHOW LOOPERS

Once the group gathered it was time to eat again-   just down the street was Eataly.  At first on enterting the front door, it appeared to be small deli,  as we walked in more, it was an Italian Market.
NYC day 2 NYC day 2

A little further it turned into a arge loft and warehouse building contining six open air restaurants!     A variety includes vegetarian, high end steaks, one specializes in  seafood, and one is Italian.

more people watching and traffic watching… bikes weaving in and out, cars honking, taxis speeding by and no one looking at crosswalks.   Its sensory overload!
NYC statue of Liberty NYC statue of Liberty

NYC statue of Liberty

Any thoughts of new York night life is dashed, we have been up since 4am; and ready to catch the next train to Staten Island by 4 PM.
Moon Shadow
Its been a good day.

Pizza at Nonna’s on Staten Island

And time to eat again!     We have loved every spot we choose to eat at , here is one more.

large pizza    feeds 8

and to unwind, we meet at the Great Kills Yacht club to relive our glory with the local bartender.   All smiles as we get another picture with our poster!!

Moon Shadow

After a long day, what better than a 1.5 mile walk back to the marina!   As we waived good night to the others, we caught a ride out too our mooring ball to call it a night.  with three nights under our belt on Staten Island, we are ready to move north, post the Statue of Liberty towards our next marina at Croton on Hudson.

More on our adventures to follow.  Thanks for reading.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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One Response to New York City; Today Show and Day 2

  1. This is Teresa, the Ringleader, signing in to say that we had a Most Awesome Time together and could not have accomplished what we did without the help of so many of our Looper friends. Looking back, I still find it hard to believe that we were in New York City and on The Today’s Show! Feeling blessed & thankful.

    Teresa & Steve Lasher, aboard Sanctuary


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