Chesapeake Bay; Deltaville to Solomon Island May 21 updates

Chesapeake Bay is a large body of water! Reminds us of Lake Superior. There are several container ships on the horizon., many pleasure craft, and good news- plenty of depth. It is May 21, and we are on the way to Deltaville for the night.  For returning readers, you might notice we are catching up on posts, as it has been a busy couple weeks for blogging!
Chesapeake Bay Loopers

Chesapeake Bay Loopers
Chesapeake Bay Loopers

As another looper commented- its so nice that they put spots for the birds to build their nests.

Chesapeake Bay Loopers


Last minute change of plans at Deltaville. First take care of business- we tied up to the fuel dock and took advantage of the free self-service pump out station. This took care of “business” for Moon Shadow, Enterprise and Southern Cross. We noticed several boats were anchored just beyond the marina; and most of the slips were empty. Quick decision- ditch the $75 slip fee and move to the anchorage. Chesapeake Bay LoopersA few reviews of local anchorages note the possible deadheads and debris may foul an anchor.  Its always a relief when the anchor comes up, even if its caked in mud, its better than being twisted and stuck on the bottom.
Chesapeake Bay Loopers With thunderstorms rolling through , the anchor held fine and we happily dropped the dingy and buzzed over to Southern Cross for docktails. Enterprise crew opted to stay another night, we headed north on the Chesapeake with Pat and Cathy of Southern Cross. Turned out to be a lot choppier than we expected, we plugged along hoping a secluded anchorage would overcome bad memories of rocking and rolling on the bay.

Here is quote from Southern Cross our boating buddie:

“I hereby decree that from this day forward the Chesapeake Bay will be hence forth be named Wicked Sister
And like all wickedness she will lure you in with charm and beauty only to suck you in and shake you, roll you and toss you about like a rag doll
She will rain on your parade and she will leave you powerless and like the Jason Alden song says We left our mark on it and it left it’s mark on us
This ain’t no place for snowflake”


With the assistance of Active Captain ( our online guide) we chose an anchorage in Mill Creek. With Binoculars, we picked out the red then the green; then a set of red/green; some crab pots; a danger sign- past shallow shoaling; through a narrow pass and voila! Arrived at Anchorage! Beautiful as promised- we were the only two boats in the area. Other than a bit of rain; we were tucked in and cosy for the night. Chesapeake Bay Loopers

We had crossed from Virginia into Maryland!
Chesapeake Bay Loopers


Both Moon Shadow and Southern Cross tied up at the T-dock at the yacht club.  Easy straight in shot from the bay.  This turned out to be very rolly wave action during the night- the swells came in from Chesapeake Bay directly to the T Dock.    Next nights were better when the wind shifted directions.


Chesapeake Bay Loopers

With an immediate invitation to join the members for a shimp dinner, we all enjoyed an evening as guests at the yacht club.  They boast a huge collection of burgies from around the country.  Colleen found the The AGLCA, the  Great Lakes Cruising Club burgee, and the MTOA ( Marine Trawlers Owners Association) – we belong to all three  groups.

Chesapeake Bay Loopers

Chesapeake Bay Loopers
Chesapeake Bay Loopers



The fun of traveling with other boaters, includes searching for items on each others wish list.   Today it was Crab Cakes from Maryland and a special dessert created at Smith Island.

Chesapeake Bay Loopers

Who knew a 9 layer coconut cake with frosting and filling could be so good?
Chesapeake Bay Loopers

Its been a while since we had the folding bikes out of their bag.   Dave spent hours on the bikes – they have rusted and the chains seized from the rust.   Welcome to salt water.

Chesapeake Bay Loopers
Colleen’s is still enjoying her Mother’s Day flowers!
Chesapeake Bay Loopers


A quick summer storm blew through at Solomon Island- glad we were back from groceries and snug in the boat. This is Southern Cross secured behind us.

Chesapeake Bay Loopers

The view of sunset from the boardwalk in Solomon Island was beautiful.


Chesapeake Bay Loopers


Chesapeake Bay Loopers
Chesapeake Bay Loopers

Chesapeake Bay Loopers

And that’s it for looking back on Solomon’s Island.


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One Response to Chesapeake Bay; Deltaville to Solomon Island May 21 updates

  1. Teresa Lasher says:

    Love Southern Cross quote from Pat!

    Those bicycles surely take a beating from the salt water & sun.

    Look forward to more blogging from Moon Shadow!

    Teresa & Steve Lasher


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