Hampton- Carousel and Colonial Williamsburg

Have you been on a carousel lately?   If you get a chance, I highly recommend it.   Welcome to Hampton Virginia.

carousel horse
Looking for variety?  Hampton is throwing a Reggae Festival block party at the same as hosting the Square Dancing Convention!     Could you pick out who’s who ?
Hampton dancers Hampton dancers

Live like a kid again!    Cathy generously got tickets for all of us to ride the carousel!   ($1 per rider).     Brings back old memories of 4-h at the county fair as the music brought the room to life

Restored and now a feature along the water front.   
Hampton VA looping
Hampton VA looping
Hampton VA looping


Surprise delivery to the boat- Flowers for Mother’s Day along with a box of chocolates and dinner certificates.    My boys done good! It was delayed a few days as we were out in the boonies- no delivery services for flowers at Coinjock on the Alligator river!

    We had dinner at Brown Chicken, Brown Cow.  Craig figured we would be ready for a break from seafood! Good Choice too.      This is a new restaurant- only opened a few weeks ago.   Excellent choice.   We split a BBQ sampler.  Yum.

Hampton VA looping

We walked to the museum and noted that a country concert was tonight.  We joined in for a interesting and entertaining Mason Brown show.
Hampton VA looping


If you are ever in a marina looking to rent a car for six people- allow extra time!    The enterprise in Hampton brings vehicles in as needed; getting us set up almost never happened.   Once situated we all loaded in and went to Walmart for provisions before heading to the Colonial Williamsburg the next day.

Six people and provisions in dodge SUV.    Tight but much nicer shape than recent free loaners!  We appreciate both methods of travel.



We found Colonial Williamsburg to be very entertaining. Many of the reproduction buildings are so authentic you would think them to be original.  The period characters add their stories and make history so interesting.  It is set in 1774- a British Colony , before the American Revolution.


The Gardener

colonial WilliamsburgThe woodworkers shop
colonial Williamsburg

The Tailor- all hand sewn garments.  The sewing machine would not be invented for another 75 years.  The period depicted here is 1774- just before the American Revolution. colonial Williamsburg

colonial Williamsburg

Period wood working tools:

colonial Williamsburg

The guns displayed in the Governors mansion entrance.  All the detailed locks on gates and doors .

colonial Williamsburg             colonial Williamsburg

We met young Thomas Jefferson on the street. Then listened to a guide telling the viewpoint of the enslaved people.
colonial Williamsburg      colonial Williamsburg

The sheep are raised on the property, and sheared to provide wool for the weavers on site.
colonial Williamsburg

So many more photos we could share- The church, cemetery, street scenes and capital buildings.   Recommend this stop if you are traveling through Williamsburg!


With high winds and rain predicted, we stayed an extra day and got caught up on laundry, provisions, and cleaning.  Ready for cruising up Chesapeake Bay.

   We will cover roughly 180 miles before entering the C and D canal (Chesapeake and Delaware) on the northern tip.   This will be a jam packed portion of the trip as we expect to anchor in rivers, explore towns, side trip to Washington DC by bus, visit Annapolis (tour the Naval Academy) and perhaps try some local Crab!!  Some boaters choose to spend a month exploring the Chesapeake Bay area- we only have a week so may have to come back again to boat in this area.

  Colleen has been in touch with a few AGLCA Harbor Hosts along the way to get local knowledge of various towns.  A harbor host is a member of the AGLCA club who has volunteered to be host at their marina for visiting Loopers.   It is a great help if you have questions about local navigation or tides, recommended marinas, things to do or restaurants.    We really appreciate the local knowledge and look forward to meeting the harbor hosts along the way.

Thanks for reading- comments are welcome-  enjoy hearing from you!



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