Battle ship to Submarine- Norfolk VA

From Battleship to Submarine- still seeing new sights!  From Tidewater marina in Portsmouth, a short walk to the ferry will take us across the river to Norfolk.   Today we will tour the Battleship Wisconsin.


Water taxi across to Norfolk

norfolk museum

We visited the Nauticus Maritime museum.   The Battleship Wisconsin is on display here. This is one of the largest and last battleships build by the U.S. Navy.     The “gold tour” included a guided tour of the Captain’s cabin, Combat Engagement Center, Flag Bridge and more interior spaces.  We went up four decks ! 

norfolk museumThe missile weighs as much as a VW beetle- this is in the museum.

norfolk museum

Watch your head and knees- lots of places are a little tight on the ship!
norfolk museumImagine how much food is needed each day- there are about 1600 crew members on the ship.
norfolk museum

Our Gold Tour guide was great- we saw much of the inside of the ship and got the view from the upper decks.
norfolk museum

Remember watching all the missal launches during Operation Desert Storm?    this was the Battleship launching the missals.

Battleship Wisconsin Battleship Wisconsin

The signs were descriptive of the provisions and activities that took place through out the ship.

Battleship Wisconsin

It was interesting to hear about the Marines roll on the Battleship.   Battleship WisconsinThe radar and computers are so interesting.  The tour was great
norfolk museum


Leave for Hampton , following the channel along the Elizabeth River.    The alerts over the radio kept warning of submarine in the area.  All vessels to maintain a distance of 500 feet.    We scrambled to find the coordinates on the charts.  Soon figured out that we were heading for the Hampton Roads Tunnel Bridge and so was the Submarine!   escorted by two armed vessels.   

This is a sight we haven’t seen before:


Hampton VA looping

Hampton VA looping

one sailboat didn’t get the memo…
Submarine Portsmouth Submarine Portsmouth
Submarine Portsmouth

Crossing from Portsmouth to Hampton was a short but  eventful run  !   We passed by the Tunnel Bridge connecting Hampton roads to Portsmouth, watched a submarine go by,  passed by multiple military vessels and entered the river to Hampton Downtown Pier marina.     More on Hampton in our next post.


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