Alligator River, Albemarle Sound, Coinjock Marina

This stretch of the Alligator River is littered with stumps along the shore lines, so it takes extra care to stay in the channel.     A long straight canal cuts through between two rivers.
Alligator River NC Alligator River NC

Extra caution when the stumps or grass clumps are almost in the channel:

Alligator River NC

Just turning to port to approach the  Alligator Marina we passed through a swing bridge.  This swing bridge is in the center of the Alligator River bridge leading out towards the Ocean and the Outer Banks area.     It opens on demand-  no set schedule.  Each boater radios to request an opening – and the bridge tender sounds the horn to stop traffic, clear the bridge and swings it open.  What a job! Albermory to Portsmouth   ALLIGATOR MARINA ON MOTHERS DAY

The long face dock is next to the gas station/ restaurant/shopping.   They served sausage and eggs on Sunday morning- yes I said Gas Station.    Enough said.

Alligator River NC

The marina was deserted but for 2 other boats.   One more arrived after us; so it was a very quiet night.  By midmorning on Mothers Day all the boats had left !!    


Yeah- light winds and clear blue sky- Our goal today is cross the sometimes fickle Albemarle Sound.  It is about 14 miles across, and seems to have confused waters – outgoing from the river clashing with incoming tides from the ocean makes waves and seas unpredictable.


The 2000 foot face dock is reserved so we are on the over flow dock.   At least Moon shadow is; Enterprise ran out of dock, but was tied up as best as could be.

Albermory to Portsmouth

Albermory to Portsmouth

Albermory to Portsmouth

The dock hands fit in as many boats as possible by nosing them in stern to bow!    Makes for interesting maneuvers when the boats start leaving.

Albermory to Portsmouth

Dave chopped up some parsley and onion to make a stir fry- with more fresh shrimp!
Albermory to Portsmouth

Beautiful sun peaking through the clouds as we head north on the river.

Albermory to Portsmouth

We are stopping at these fairly remote marinas trying to make miles as we head for the Chesapeake Bay.   There we hope to find some beautiful anchorages and interesting historic towns again.    This section is comparable to the Mississippi river- just a means to an end.   Next up a winding , sometimes shallow stretch with several swing bridges that open on the hour or half hour plus a lock.    Lets see how well we can time the distance between bridges  to minimize waiting times!     The Atlantic ICW mile zero is in our sights- when we reach Portsmouth Virginia we will leave the ICW and head up into the Chesapeake Bay.    (More geography to learn!!)   Stay tuned, and thanks again for reading.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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  1. Darlene B says:

    Hi dears, what a beautiful presentation of veggies, yum shrimp 👍👍Can’t wait to see your artwork on journaling 👍 You don’t mention much about sleeping!! 😂You are energizer bunnies 😘🤡 Happy Sailing 🙏👌🏻🎉


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