Cruising through North Carolina

We have several Marina options in the next section of North Carolina.   Having considered a short 20 mile run – with a stop at Oriental; a 40 mile run stopping for seafood at RE Mayo Seafood and Marina or a longer run to Belhaven;  we got going to see how the day goes.   The conditions were so favorable for cruising; that we continued on, enjoying the calm water and minimal tides.   Arriving 68 miles later Belhaven for a few nights. 

The first option we passed- was RE Mayo;   a few friends had chosen this dock several day prior.  At 40 cents a foot its cheap;  plus good seafood and best price on fuel.   Too early to stop for the day.
River Forest Marina Bellhaven It was so calm, Colleen took a break from navigating to do some cleaning behind the fly bridge lockers.  They were stuffed with stuff; and had gotten wet and mildew.   Time to air out and disinfect while underway!!  One pesky horsefly found us; and we had to dig out the fly swatter.  Haven’t had bugs for months!


We made reservations- the name makes it sound like a luxury resort- courtesy golf carts to get to town! Its actually a small town with a big heart!  From Henry the marina owner to Donna representing the Chamber of Commerce we were welcomed and thanked for choosing to stop at Belhaven.  It is not a luxury resort- but very friendly, convenient and free laundry!      river forest marina Appreciate the dock hands – they gave specific instructions for docking and securing the lines according to the tide effects at their marina. We are instructed to have port lines ready and to back in to the slip.  With stern first; we pass the stern line to the first dock hand; then the mid ship line and last lasso the pillar with the bow line.   The dock hand will cross tie the stern; and then help connect the proper electric cord- 30 amp or 50 amp.  This usually earns a $5 tip and all is well. It was a challenge due to the increased current, and a old barge parked in the fairway!


While at Belhaven, we met up with a future looper, a snowbird, a new looper and re-met friends we hadn’t seen since Christmas dinner at Fort Myers.     Dinner out at Jacks Tavern with Pat and Cathy on Southern Cross, Dick and Cindy from Amazing Grace III, and Patty and Kurt from Enterprise .    The owner was so appreciative of us visiting his restaurant!   Makes us feel very welcome as visitors.

River Forest Marina Bellhaven

The marina provided courtesy golf carts to get around town!    Dave dropped us all off then scooted down the block to park next to ACE hardware- go figure!  River Forest Marina Bellhaven

The off beat museum contains an eclectic collection from a hoarder.   It was a cross between Ripley’s believe it or not and an antique collection. I didn’t get a photo of the fleas dressed in wedding cloths or the pickled brains of small animals, and didn’t take a photo of the vintage Xray machine-
River Forest Marina Bellhaven River Forest Marina Bellhaven
River Forest Marina Bellhaven

A frequent question is “how do you plan your travel days? ”    It varies,  but there are a few resources we use  daily:

  • Navionics or Blue Chart app for planning on the I Pad
  • AGLCA forum for ideas and recommendations
  • Networking with other loopers to share ideas
  • Access Trip Advisor for top things to do in the cities that we will visit
  • Phone in reservations for upcoming marinas 


A boaters worst fear occurred for a power cat anchored near our marina.

About 8 pm we could see a fire burning- turned out to be a power catamaran.    The owners of the 52 foot boat had anchored and gone to town for dinner.    The boat burned for hours- felt so bad for them.    River Forest Marina Bellhaven


The weather was predicted to turn nasty, so we spent a few extra days at Belhaven.   Saturday, it was cloudy but undaunted we left with two other boats to move north toward Alligator River Marina.  

Stay tuned for more reports as cruise north on toward the Chesapeake Bay then on to New York City!





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