Beaufort South Carolina (Byoo-fert)

GOODBYE GEORGIA Hello South Carolina

Leaving Savanah, Georgia, it wasn’t long and we crossed into South Carolina. Heading toward Beaufort SC. (Pronounced Byoo-fert as in Beaufitul) later we will pass Beaufort NC (pronounced Boh-fert as in BOW).

Visiting state number 12 on our list of states visited.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee ,Alabama, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina  and Mississippi.

Is this the end of the salt marshes?   Miles with barely a bird, and the mud smell at low tide is distinct.    We expected to see more wildlife, but considering the brackish water, it is not appealing to many animals other than dolphins or the occasional alligator (we didn’t see any alligators)

We meet the occasional Shrimping boat- they have a lot of rigging.  It would be interesting to know more about this industry.  Our only knowledge  came from watching the Forest Gump Movie!

Beaufort SC ICW      Beaufort SC ICW

The landscape is evolving to include a few more trees!

Beaufort SC ICW


Beaufort is a historical town- the ‘historic district’ is within blocks of the marina.  The city marina is on the Beaufort river just before the  Ladies Island swing bridge.
south carolina


What is an Antebellum house you ask?  Inquiring minds want to know, Wikipedia has the answer.   Ante means before; Bellum means war.    So we are looking at prewar homes- in this case neoclassical style architecture built before the Civil War.   The Antebellum era or Plantation Era is between 1800 to 1850.

The stately mansions line the streets of Beaufort.  Some are renovated, others in disrepair.  You may find a Bed and Breakfast, or private homes.    Once designated as a Historical home, they are regulated for renovations, and upkeep.    Colors, original character and materials may all be subject to approval if you choose to live in a “historical home”.

Beaufort SC ICW   Beaufort SC ICW


It may seem odd to see photos of cemetery’s-  The southern cities and churches take great pride in the history of the cemetery.   The wrought iron gates, brick paths ,and welcome signs invite you in to pay respects to those who passed.

Beaufort SC ICW       Beaufort SC ICW

Beaufort SC ICW      Beaufort SC ICW

Beaufort SC ICW Beaufort SC ICW


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