Space Coast- Melbourne To Cocoa Village

A visit to the public library involves anchoring the boat, dinghy to the public dock and walk the path to the library.   You need to be creative when living on a boat and the library is a sure spot for strong wi-fi!   Paying bills, updating the blog, making copies, working on taxes, and printing some paperwork that needed to be notarized.  We have a copier on board, but it crashed to the floor recently when we were “waked” by a passing speed boat!    (Good news, Dave later pieced the copier back together and it works!! )  As you read this we are further north, I am always behind on our posts due to too much fun.


Who names a restaurant Squid Lips?   It caught our attention and was a nice beach bar for snacks after the brain strain at the library!  Bonus – we saw dolphins playing in the water from our table on the beach!
melbourne to cocoa

Returning to our boats, we realized the wind had picked up from the east and felt it would be a calmer night at anchor if we moved to the east shore for protection.    The navigation app we use is called Blue Chart Navionics on our I-pad= it indicates locations of recommended anchorages and also has reviews from other boaters under an app called “Active Captain” (kind of like trip advisor for boaters).      Today we just moved to the other side of the causeway and anchored next to the bridge.     The tradeoff is a bit of highway noise from the bridge; but there is good protection from the wind so we are not rocking and rolling.     Sometimes the local boat traffic causes wakes, but this tends to diminish once the sun goes down.    Good enough for one night.


Did I mention that our refrigerator/freezer started acting up just as we had guests aboard.  The freezer was filled for meals on board when we noticed the ice was melted!!    With the help of a hot line 800# on the back of the unit; Dave connected with a tech that helped trouble shoot.  It worked a couple days, then failed again.     Parts have been ordered and will be delivered to the next marina we have reservations at.

icw full moon       icw full moon

Added to another part from West Marine ordered for shore power means Dave will be busy. Good thing he is happiest when busiest!

icw full moon   icw full moon


Our next destination was Cocoa Village to anchor for the day on April 12.  We took the dingy to the Riverfront marina and tied to a public dock.  As we were leaving the dinghy dock, we noticed a sign on the free dock that gave permission to ICW cruisers to stay free for up to 2 nights.  Good info in case we return to the area.

Cocoa Village is very trendy town. Mixing tourism, with art shops and gift or specialty shops.   Even the shop names seem to show a sense of humor!   The Lazy Pirate  or Village Idiot Pub are two examples.      Looked forward to walking around the area, first  we had some business to take care of.
melbourne to cocoa    melbourne to cocoa      cocoa village      melbourne to cocoa


As follow up to our recent Library visit; we needed to visit a notary public.    The nearest bank was Bank of America- (one that we do not have an account and didn’t realize this might be an issue).   We walked in and found one banker sitting at her desk with no customers. (Dave noticed by the screen on her phone she had been playing a game).      She informed us we would need to make an appointment to meet with a notary public.     We explained we were just passing through; she reluctantly said they close at 5 but she could fit us in.  (it was 3:30!!).    She announced that she was the only person that does the notarizing- so we were glad she took the time to see us on short notice…. The paperwork was provided and Colleen was instructed where to sign.  The banker verified the driver’s license and passport – then said she would need to look up our account number.    Oops; she was not happy to learn we were not bank customers, although she never asked first!     She said it would have to be allowed this time as we already signed, but that’s not how it works any longer.      Boy we were glad to get out of there with the notarized copy in hand!!       Sorry for the long vent!


This area is known as space coast- with all the NASA related industry in the area.   We will not be seeing any space launches.   Our plans to take a car or bus to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center fell by the way side as it didn’t quite fit our budget.   Between car rental and tickets we decided to leave that side trip for another day and time.
melbourne to cocoa       melbourne to cocoa Today we anchored next to the Hubert Humphry Causeway and I wondered about the connection to Minnesota’s own Senator and Vice President Hubert Humphrey? A quick search of Wikipedia provided the following-  Vice President Hubert Humphrey initiated action for a new bridge in the 1960s to resolve traffic problems stemming from the thousands of NASA workers traveling between Merritt Island and Cocoa.  Humphrey was instrumental in getting NASA and the U.S. Air Force to agree to help fund the new bridge.  In 1968 the bridge was named Hubert Humphrey Causeway. We had an unexpected guest on board admiring our AGLCA flag .  The looper flag always draws attention to our boat! melbourne to cocoa FULL MOON APRIL Once again, the wind was not in favor of anchoring on the west side of the river.  Once our shopping was done, we left the anchorage, cruised under the Hubert Humphrey bridge and found a spot to anchor near Tropio on the east shore of the Halifax river.    Another good choice; we enjoyed a lovely sunset and Dave got pictures of the full moon. icw full moon melbourne to cocoa       icw full moon

April’s full moon in 2017 is nicknamed  ‘Pink Moon”.   It is not pink- rather it is named for the pink phlox that bloom in early spring this time year.   Naming the full moons may be derived from native American traditions.  The April full moon is the first full moon of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.


Signs of Hurricane Matthew from last October still linger thru out the area.  Derelict boats are sunk, sinking or sitting on the shore.  A few marinas are still closed or just partially open.   Such a sad sight and hoping the best for boaters for in the area.

  melbourne to cocoa melbourne to cocoa melbourne to cocoa

Each morning it seems we get an early start and head under a bridge.  This bridge opened one side for a sailboat and we scooted through.  The bridge tender started lowering the bridge just as Kurt and Patty were following us through.  Good thing they would have cleared even a closed bridge .     Many more bridges and waterways ahead.  Check back or sign up to follow via email… Stay tuned.





cocoa village


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