Lake Worth, Manatee Pocket to Vero Beach

Its March 2nd, and we crossed the Gulf Stream to Florida.  More adventures to share…


Left at West End Bahamas 7:30  arrived Lake Worth Florida 4:15.

With the 4 mph current pushing toward the north from the gulf stream, we decided to angle a bit south and head to Lake Worth inlet.  This is the shortest route across. According to our chart plotter; all tracks lead to Lake Worth Inlet!  Once we entered the channel ,  the weekend pleasure craft traffic and jet skis became the obstacles to share the waterway!

lake worth to st lucie lake worth to st lucie

We cleared customs by phone.  Our BR numbers that were obtained in Duluth satisfied the custom agent and qualified us for remote entry- no need to go in to the customs office for an re entry interview.

It was another beautiful sunset at anchor in Lake Worth.    It is great to be back in the USA; and we are ready to begin the next leg of the Atlantic ICW.
lake worth to st lucie


Workers were doing maintenance on the cruise ship in the harbor as we passed by.

The picture shows how large the ship is! lake worth to st lucie

A few hours later we motored past the Jupiter light house.   We laughed as we had driven to the light house a month ago with a rental car; it was about a 20 minute drive!!    A good example of life at 8 mph.

lake worth to st lucie

Port Solerno  in Manatee pocket is our destination; we chose Mariner Cay Marina to stop at for the night after traveling 33 miles.  One reason?   It is pool time !   (and the pool is right next to the laundry, so it made that chore a bit more pleasant).

lake worth to st lucie

To ease back into the ICW travel, we enjoyed easy navigating and a short day.   Next day it was an Uber ride to Walmart for provisioning after the month in the Bahamas.   Much of Tuesday was cleaning the boat of all the salt- no wash downs had been done in the Bahamas due to water shortage.


As usual, Colleen hailed the marina for instructions on docking.  The dockmaster said to turn after the Nina and Pinta on the end of the dock.  We expected a sign or some marker representing the ships- in fact; we entered the marina and were greeted by the replica ships in port ready for tours!

vero beach old resort vero beach old resort

vero beach old resort vero beach old resort

A bonus surprise at the dock- we were greeted by Dave’s brother and sister in law visiting the area in their rv from Thunder Bay Canada!     We had arranged to have them join us onboard along the way.    Vero Beach will be a great spot to explore.

vero beach old resort vero beach old resort

Stay tuned for more on Vero Beach, Guests aboard and traveling by bus, rv, and rental car!


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