Beam Seas; Great Sale Cay to West End

Time has come to say good bye to the Bahamas – with hopes to return again soon.  We are now back tracking, and the first stop will be Great Sale Cay. We will continue flying our Bahama Courtesy flag until we leave the country.   March 1, 2017

west end Coffees Bar  west end Coffees Bar

Leaving the Sea of Abaco.   Heading back toward West end- first stop is Great Sale Cay.  


Mostly Clear, small chop  developed into 22mph winds on the beam.   Rough ride today. Tried to get a photo of our buddy boat in the seas….

west end Coffees Bar

With short lived relief from the beam seas, we dropped anchor in the Eastern Bay.  It didn’t take long to realize the waves were rolling right into the bay, and it would be a rock and roll night.   A quick “captains meeting” and we elected to move to more protection the north side of the islands.  About an hour later we pulled into a bay at Little Sale Cay- very protected- and we joined Sandy Gal II and several other cruisers stopping for the night. 


Old Bahama Bay is the next stop.     Enjoyed a quiet crossing from Little Sale Cay.  Choppy toward the end as we sent through Indian Pass.   Arrived at 3 pm, topped off a little fuel for good measure and headed for a walk on the beach.   With out the wind and waves that we saw on our first visit, it is a very calm walk along the beach.
west end Coffees Bar west end Coffees Bar


We often discuss the merits of tourism restaurants vs. local cafes.   After getting some local advice,  Kurt arranged a ride to an Authentic Bahamian Café and it was a lot of fun.

west end Coffees Bar west end Coffees Bar

We placed our order for conch salad at the shack, and walked across the street with an employee to harvest the conch!      He gave Dave a lesson on hammering the hole in the shell to release the conch; then how to pull it out and clean it.

west end Coffees Bar west end Coffees Bar

west end Coffees Bar west end Coffees Bar west end Coffees Bar   west end Coffees Bar

Now that made a FRESH conch salad.  We had Mango Conch salad, conch fritters, fried plantain and snapper with potato pancakes…  served with a Kalik Bahamian Beer.

Weather is clear, and forecasted for light winds; then higher winds for the following week.   Good timing, we are set to cross to Florida in a good weather window;   We will be in Lake Worth by end of day.

Thanks for reading as we catch up on posting about the previous months adventures.   We crossed to Florida March 2nd- having spent a month in the Abaco Islands.



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