No Name Cay – Swimming Pigs plus more

How many islands can you squeeze into a day?   We are trying to absorb as much Island time as possible.   First we need to find a good calm weather window to pass north through the Whale Cay Pass Inlet.   Today is the day.

WHALE CAY PASS heading north

Uneventful passage- Yeah!!     We cruised through the open the water, and left the south Abaco Sea behind us.  It has been a great trip so far, and more to come!


Stopped at NO NAME to see the swimming pigs – We call them the lazy pigs- we had food but they would not swim out.   They waited for us to come to shore then squeeled and quarreled until we took a picture and gave them bread.  Pictures of the pigs at  Exhumes have elephant like snouts adapted to swimming.

no name pigs no name pigs

These No Name  Cay Abaco pigs came right from the farm to be a tourist attraction. (Colleen was a bit hesitant to consider this a “tourist Stop”.
no name pigs no name pigs

We did a photo op and had a  lot of fun.   It’s a day to be a tourist; glad we have our own boat and didn’t have to buy a tour boat ticket!!
no name pigs no name pigs


Anchored at Settlement Bay to visit New Plymouth.   This is another town settled by Loyalists who fled the newly formed United States after the American Revolution.    There are several stores,  yet the streets seem quiet and almost deserted.

Quaint, cozy, colorful, secluded, …  Had lunch at Pineapples- gotta love a bar and grill with its own dinghy dock!
plymouth settlement plymouth settlement

plymouth settlement plymouth settlement

Old Plymouth Cemetery

how often are you so in sync with your traveling buddies that you both get excited to visit a cemetery?      Patty and Colleen have wondered amongst a civil war cemetery, an Indian mound and now a Bahamian Island Cemetery.   Life is good.

plymouth settlement plymouth settlement

plymouth settlement  plymouth settlement


The pink jail is another must see!  The second floor was long ago lost in a storm. The steps remain going to no where.

plymouth settlement plymouth settlement


With some debate and number crunching, we decided to add a bit of fuel for the trip home.   To date we have been traveling on the fuel purchased in Florida, and cringed to buy fuel here.    We made a fuel stop at Green Turtle before moving to an anchorage   $358.00 for 224 gallons at   $4.34  per gallon.   Brought our tanks to 3/4 full – plenty to get back to Florida where the prices will be about 2.60 per gallon.


Snorkeling!!    Unexpected fish spot around a sunken piece of equipment. Dave filmed with his go-pro, but I don’t have it for the blog. We had decided to snorkel just before sunset on a whim. it was like peering into an aquarium- colorful fish just a few feet below the surface. They were attracted to some old equipment that had been abandoned at the shore line.   So glad we had the full face snorkel mask and new flippers (Good thinking and thanks to Brent and Craig for Christmas gifts)

plymouth settlementman jack cay abacos man jack cay abacos

man jack cay abacos

What a perfect way to end the day, and have one more memory to tuck away as we prepare to leave the islands and head toward Florida.    Next up;  Great Sale Cay , then staging at West End for the crossing to Florida.    Stay tune, thanks for reading!


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