Decided we are not ready to head back yet; so back tracked a few miles to enjoy the island life at anchor a few more nights.   First stop, is Tiloo Cut in search of turtle viewing.    Cruised south 4.5 miles, anchored and took the dingy to shore to explore a small bay- saw turtles and sting rays

Beaching the dingy, we hiked across the ridge to see the crashing waves, and picked through the litter to find a handful of sea glass.

hopetown abacos

hopetown abacos

This sight was beautiful – crashing seas  are best viewed from the bluff;  preferably not from the deck of our boat!

Man O War Cay

One of the stops we had passed by on our run south was Man O War Cay.   Today we pulled in and grabbed a mooring ball.

Met a couple living on a boat just like ours on a mooring ball at Man o war.   Six months here, and six months at their home in Kentucky.    Gave us local tips – this is their favorite spot, and we had only planned to stay one night!


The shop Patty and Colleen were looking for was at the end of the lane.   Well known for the tote bags sewn for a couple generations, it was a sight to see.   We visited with the owner and admired their handiwork.  All the bags are sewn on sight!
Man O War abacos xMan O War abacos

Man O War abacos Man O War abacos


An impromptu tour of the boat builders shed was more interesting for Dave and Kurt than the sewing shop.   Special note of the tech doing the fiberglass sanding while a helper blew the dust with a  leaf blower.   They have building boats on Man O War Cay since the 1880’s.

Man O War abacos  Man O War abacos      Man O War abacos   Man O War abacos

albury boat built


Snorkeling near the reef was a lot of fun, just pulled the dinghys to a sand bar at low tide.    We found lots of live star fish- took a photo and placed them back in the water.

hopetown abacos x plymouth settlement

The water colors are coming in handy as Colleen takes time to work on her art travel journal .     Here is a sketch of the old net buoys that now hang from tree branches in many front yards.
Man O War abacos

The memories of Hope Town are recorded in the journal as well:

Man O War abacos

Man O War abacos


Most mornings we try to tune to VHS channel 68 to listen to the cruisers net.  Weather is a big topic,  boaters in various harbors are invited to report the current water conditions from their locations and next local beach bars give a pitch for what’s happening – Here are a few quotes from the morning news:

Conditions:   Choppy nothing breaking.      keep some sand in your shoes when you leave the islands.      Calm in the lee, rough in the middle.   Watch for elephants on the horizon (refers to the white caps out from the inlets!)

Pete’s pub slogan – “food for elite who eat in their bare feet”

and one from Cracker P’s -” Why walk when you can crawl” Man O War abacos

Spring equinox. trivia- did you know it is equal light and dark.  12 hours of light, and this when the  sun rises due east and sets due west.

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