Hope Town Marina for a few days

Forecast of heavy winds sends everyone to the marina’s for protection. We have a few days planned at Hope Town starting on March 23rd.
hopetown abacos

And then the winds came: Hope Town Light House


A short walk along the path brought us to the Hope Town Light house.   Built in 1864;  Early settlers had relied on the spoils of the ship wrecks off the coast (called Wrecking) and this trade quickly fell away once the light house was installed.

Hope Town Light House//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Hope Town Light HouseNote the detail on a door handle leading out to the observation deck!

Hope Town Light House

Hope Town Light House//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

WATER TAXI Hope Town is across the bay from the marina and light house; no worries a free water taxi will give a ride to your destination.   For the price of a couple dollars tip – we could hop on and off for shopping or dining !  Saved us the trouble of dropping our dinghy in the water!   Got a peek at more shells displayed along the path.
Hope Town Light House


Spring has arrived; and streets are lined with  Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Bahamian Yellow Elderflower.

hopetown abacos hopetown abacos

hopetown abacos

The flowers along the sidewalks create a nice frame for the tropical colored colonial style cottages. the gardens displayed various shells- this one is a brain shell;

hopetown abacos

hopetown abacos

After strolling through the streets, we enjoyed a late lunch at Wine and Sip; and then wondered through the tourist shops. We stopped in at a liquor store; confirmed the pricing we had heard about and were glad our beer supply was not running low yet!  hopetown abacos

The narrow streets barely give room to a vehicle; much more suitable for the numerous golf carts and bicycles used for transportation.

hopetown abacos  hopetown abacos

Even the church is colorful.

Hope Town Light House

Bought 60 gallons of water for our tanks cost .35 per gal before leaving for our next anchorage.    Water shortage on the islands, so it is metered at each slip!

Next up a visit to Tiloo and Tahiti- two more spots to explore.




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