Great Guana, Junkanoo & Birthday Bash

Will it be Nippers, Grabbers or a surprise location?   Leaving Treasure and moving toward Great Guana Cay we are making plans for a party.      The Sea of Abaco is generally less than 12 feet deep and is more shallow in  spots, with sand bars stretching across the bay in several areas.   Luckily the charts are accurate and provide a “rhumb” line or sailing line to follow.     It is like a road on the water.    A new code on the charts is VPR (Visual Piloting Rules).   Take extra precaution as the charts may note shifting sand, low water levels due to tide or other variations that are subject to change.   Our destination is only 15 miles across the bay, we zig zag around a few low spots and prepare to grab a mooring ball in Fishers bay.

So far just rough plans for celebrating Colleen’s birthday on the 16th-   Two wish list items  1) meeting up with our friends on Enterprise (Kurt and Patty) and 2) a quiet lobster dinner cooked on our boat. Since we didn’t have any lobster aboard, and weren’t sure if our friends would be arriving in time it looked like a night out at Nippers.

Nippers is a well known beach bar- famous for Sunday Bahama style pig roasts and home of the Barefoot Man Concerts.     As luck would have it, concerts are scheduled for Friday and Saturday of this weekend! Just follow the signs to the beach….

treasure to guana With this knowledge it seemed odd that the mooring field was almost empty when we arrived just before noon.   Set anchor and got settled in- and here come Enterprise from the north!     Along with a parade of other boaters- so by 2pm the mooring field was full and additional boaters were anchoring along the fringes.

Fisher's bay Abacos treasure to guana We were in Fishers Bay located just north of Settlement harbor on the Sea of Abaco.     Walking distance to Settlement harbor, the restaurant Grabbers and a short walk across the island to Nippers which is on the ocean beach side.   Lots to see and do with in walking distance( once we anchor/secure our dinghy on the shore) treasure to guana We walked to the dive shop to pay for our mooring ball; and noticed a little handwritten sign on the wall “Lobster for sale”.   Ah Ha moment- dinner on the boat is a possibility!   Six lobster tails for $30 and we have a dinner date. Dave is master at cooking Lobster; and great at presentation: treasure to guana Dinner is served on the fly bridge; just in time for sunset. treasure to guana The birthday girl couldn’t be happier- is there a better way to celebrate the big 60? treasure to guana and to share with friends… treasure to guana After dinner we took the dinghy to shore to see a Junkanoo parade around the pool hosted by Grabbers restaurant. This is a traditional Bahamian parade with music and costumes. treasure to guana treasure to guana

It was hard to get a clear picture in the dark with the dancing movements.

treasure to guana The birthday weekend has just began, on Friday we walked over to Nippers to see the Barefoot Man concert and celebrate St Patricks Day! treasure to guana

treasure to guana Nippers is overlooking the ocean beach, where waves were rolling in; a good day to be on land! treasure to guana

treasure to guana we stayed on the mooring ball for 3 days and had a great time.   Watch for more photos later!    thanks for reading. treasure to guana


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One Response to Great Guana, Junkanoo & Birthday Bash

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a fantastic Birthday, Colleen! A girl like you, deserves the best!


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