Crossing Whale Cay channel to southern Sea of Abaco

Recently our boater friends on Last Call posted “every day gets more beautiful- how can that be possible?”    I echo that sentiment!

The cruising lifestyle is working for us.   We planned the details, and anticipated our Bahamas side trip for months-we are finally here and it is living up to our expectations.   We were excited to leave the shores of Florida and happy to enter the harbor at West End; relieved to move on to Great Sale Cay and took our swim in the Atlantic at Allan’s Pensacola bay.   It was a highlight to arrive in Green Turtle Marina and experience a bit of the island life = every day is even more beautiful.


The Abacos are divided into the north and south sections by a shallow bank that runs from Whale Cay to Treasure Cay on the mainland of Great Abaco lsland.      The preferred route for crossing includes a run out into the Atlantic, around the Whale Pass and back through Loggerhead Channel.      It’s only a few miles in the Atlantic open water, however it is notorious for swells and “rage” sea conditions (breaking waves all the way across) – it is  bordered by rocky outcroppings.    Best if done in calm seas.

Dave monitored the weather channels  including, Underground Weather, Marv’s Buoy Reports ( Bahama ), WeatherBug, Wind Wag and NOAA.   He monitors up to six channels to find a good average. With forecast of calm waters, local knowledge and consensus of dock talkers, we headed out with half dozen other boats on Monday morning by 8:30 am.

“calm seas”  has various interpretations when going through a channel!   While the swells were crashing on the nearby Whale island, we were cruising in gentle swells .

The  Whale Passage

Today the forecasts were right on the money, any concerns of beam seas causing us to rock and roll were long forgotten as we cruised toward the Whale Pass, through the cut and adjusted our course toward the south west.

The  Whale Passage


With forecasted winds from the west, we had altered our plans for a night at Great Guana  and instead  headed for Treasure Cay Marina .  Treasure is located on the west side of the sound and has the best protections for winds from the west.  By noon we had 20 miles of cruising behind us and were picking up a mooring ball in the basin outside the marina.

The  Whale Passage

Staying on a mooring ball is $30 per night (includes showers, pool and resort amenities) and will be a good fit for us – other choices were to anchor for $20 or take a slip for $1.50 per foot per night.

All the mooring balls were taken by 3 pm!  Hello pool side!

Treasure Cay

Once we got settled in, we took the dingy to marina to check in.   Parked at the popular dinghy dock and  then crossed the street to Coco Beach and spent a few hours in the sun and sand.

Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay

The dock master invited us to attend a cocktail party with wine tasting put on for the condo owner association.   While there we sampled wines, had wonderful horsdevours , and met several owners as well as other boaters and swapped a few stories about life in the islands.

treasure cay marina

Treasure Cay

In the next few days, we will be checking out the Tipsy Pool Bar for happy hour and live music by the pool and then Coco Beach bar for a Bahama beach barbeque on Tuesdays, Wednesday features golden oldies dinner and dance night at Coco’s on the beach.    Busy week planned and its only Monday.


We may venture to Carleton Point- the founding settlement of Abaco. Built in 1783 by Six hundred American Loyalists who migrated to The Bahamas because of their allegiance to Great Britain after the American Revolution.   The settlement was devastated by a hurricane in 1785 and was soon deserted.  Archaeologists uncovered remains of the Loyalist settlement and commemorated the sight in 1983- curious to see what remains! It is in the guidebook as a tourist attraction, I sense it may be a bronze marker on the sight?    We had previously visited sights in Green Turtle Cay like the Loyalist Memorial Sculpture  Garden- there it was noted that thousands of Loyalists settled in the area in 1783. Always good to absorb a bit of local history!

Stay tuned for more travel adventures stories we move toward celebrating someone’s big 60th birthday celebration!   Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!



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7 Responses to Crossing Whale Cay channel to southern Sea of Abaco

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mitch and I are out in the Rockies right now…just caught up on your travels and everything looks and sounds fabulous! Love reading the details of your adventure!


  2. mnsailors says:

    thanks for reading! good to hear from you too.


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