Weather Window- on to the Abacos

Three trawlers and a  sailboat left West End Marina at 7 am. on Thursday.  It was on a rising tide in calm waters- perfect conditions.

anchorages abacos

A Couple miles north and first challenge is to cross through Indian Cut- rumored to be shallow in spots.  The trawlers draw about 4 feet, the sailboat 5.5 feet so the captain of the sailboat was counting on the rising tide to add enough depth as he followed the trawlers along the rhumb line.    The lead trawler called out depth on the VHS radio-   “7 ft.; 7.5,   I see 8;  then I’m in 7 again; now 6ft”.    Good enough we all crossed safely and continued East toward Great Sale Cay.


(pronounced “key”)

We passed by Mangrove Cay; and continued toward Great Sale Cay-  covering 56 miles today.    We anchored in the south western bight.   Sleeping Bear invited us over for cocktails.  We dropped the dinghy off the davits, packed up a fresh batch of Pico de Gallo and joined them on their aft deck to enjoy the sunset.

anchorages abacos


Next morning we all pulled anchor- traveling with Sleeping Bear, Island Gypsy and Calliope Cat. (all three are Canadian boats)   Tonight’s anchorage will be at Allans-Pensacola Cay. Launched the dingy and went ashore – we will call it the “no seeum beach”.   Lasted about 10 minutes before getting bitten and forced back into the water.     A better choice was swimming off the back of the boat- the water was so clear we could see our anchor and chain lying on the sand in about 10 feet of water; we were confident there are no sharks in the area!

We are flying our courtesy flag and  our club burgee for Great Lakes Cruisers Assoc.  as we head in to the Abacos!

anchorages abacos


anchorages abacos

The three day weather forecast included increased winds and rains, seems like a good time to pull into a marina.     Green Turtle Marina is 16 miles south of us; and we made a reservation for 3 nights. It is located in White Sound on Green Turtle Cay.   Resort and Marina means pool, restaurant and bar on site! Moon Shadow leads the way; with Sleeping Bear and Island Gypsy following – hoping to beat the dark clouds that are following us !

anchorages abacos

The dock hands were standing by to catch a line- glad to see them as we came in at low tide, and the docks were 4 feet above our deck!     Time for a little exploring around the property and look forward to renting a golf cart to go to town on the following day.


The early settlers of this area included Loyalists from New York.

The typical mode of transportation on the island is to rent a golf cart-

anchorages abacos

so we joined Rod and Alison from Sleeping Bear and headed for town in a rental.

anchorages abacos

Plymouth Settlement

We noticed this sign for a fundraiser breakfast, and didn’t feel bad that we missed it once we read the menu:

anchorages abacos

We visited a memorial garden with bronze busts honoring prominent citizens.  The area was settled after the American revolution by Loyalists who left the US to resettle in the Abacos.

anchorages abacos

Walking around town , we found many quaint buildings, small shops, at least three churches and several restaurants.

Plymouth Settlement

Many had closed signs mid day for a funeral.

anchorages abacos

anchorages abacos

On shop opened for us to take a peak at the Model Ship builders shop. The owner wasn’t there, but we could see his works in progress.   He kept small parts hanging from jars on the ceiling.

model ship

anchorages abacos


Next stop on the golfcart route- beaches of Turtle Cay-     beautiful ocean side beaches- deserted sand beaches.  Some roads were paved, others not so much!   Bumpety Bump we headed across the island to explore the beaches.

anchorages abacos

anchorages abacos

beaches Green Turtle Cay

beaches Green Turtle Cay

A great day on the island .   Stay tuned for more adventures as we plan to spend about a month exploring the Abaco Islands.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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One Response to Weather Window- on to the Abacos

  1. Joyce Berdie says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog . We anchored at Allen’s Pensacola and at picked up a mooring in Black Sound . When you get to Great Guana Cay, I recommend picking up a mooring from Dive Guana on shore in Fishers Bay . Sunsets at Grabber’s Bar there are fantastic. We walked across the island one Sunday for Nipper’s pig roast. Yum. Great beach by Nipper’s there on the Atlantic. I love the Abacos!! Will give you other ideas going south if you want. Take care, Joyce


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