Loggerhead North Palm beach Gardens

 Leaving an anchorage is such an easy maneuver when the dinghy is already up on the davits;  Dave warms up the engines, Colleen removes the anchor bridle and steps on the “up” button for the electric windlass to raise the anchor.  We usually have about 60 foot of chain laid out, so raising the anchor would be a chore if we didn’t have the electric windlass!   The anchor chain gets clipped into a safety toggle in the anchor well, and a secure line is attached as back up. Done- and off we go.

   Did I mention that anchoring is free?   

and the view is nice too.

anchor lake worth

Side note- terminology    the anchor bridle clips on to the chain and two anchor lines lead back to the cleats on each side of the bow.   This distributes the pull of the anchor chain to the two lines; reducing the stress of pulling on the bow and windlass only.

Anchoring in Lake Worth for a couple nights was a bonus; just marking time as we are a couple days ahead of schedule.     Next stop is Loggerhead Palm Beach Garden Marina just a few miles up the ICW river.   Our choice of marina was based on four criteria:    1)  Ease of getting to the Palm Beach Airport for our flight to Minnesota  2)  Security at the marina (since we will be leaving it for a week) 3)  Price-  found the rate to be less than any in the area   4) availability- several of the other marinas were booked.     Worked well for us, as it is cheaper and has openings!!  

North Palm Beach Garden Marina

Last week we reported that we were traveling by ourselves for several weeks.  Today we pulled into the marina, and were greeted by John and Pamela on Jo-Ella!  We first met them in Chicago, and cross paths through out the journey.  They are waiting for a weather window to head over the Bahamas.  We are heading back to Minnesota for a week; but may catch up with them again in the Abacos.    They have been at the marina at least a week waiting for the winds to die down- we are hoping that the winds cooperate when we are ready to leave! 

Crossing from Lake Worth to West End of Grand Bahamas is a 60 mile run-  we need to go when the wind is 15 knots or less; and the waves are less than 3 feet.   Don’t go if the winds are from the north as it causes a washing machine effect in the gulf stream.  A lot of factors to consider, but no worries as we follow the Looper Law of “no schedules”.  

Meanwhile we are becoming more experienced Uber riders, our boat is clean, laundry is done, and dinners are prepared ahead !

Dave’s current project is to design and install a “princess seat” for Colleen to have comfortable perch  next to the fly bridge for having a better view of crab pots!    Here is the work in progress….

boat seat add on


boat seat

 We have been looking forward to reconnecting with Colleen’s cousin as approached Palm Beach.   On Valentines day we went out to dinner with Steve and Deb and had lots of laughs reminiscing about visits to Franklin. 

Once we got settled in, it was time to catch our flight to Minnesota-  we will be helping welcome our first granddaughter – and spending a week holding Ella, talking to Ella, visiting family and friends, and holding baby Ella some more!!    

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