Christmas in the Everglades!

Does Christmas at the Rod and Gun Club seem an odd choice?  Months ago we learned about the historic Rod and Gun Club located in Everglade City.   After some discussion, we decided it would make a good spot for Christmas before heading to Marathon.

As I am writing this, it is actually late January- so lets go back and review the holidays!


After leaving Marco Island and traveling the “outside route” around Cape Romano, we slowly motored about 6 miles into the Everglades to spend Christmas.  The last few miles were lined with mangroves and needed to be alert to stay on course.

The Everglade Rod and Gun Club has been featured in a few old movies; and has hosted celebrities and even presidents who wanted to experience the old Florida Charm and do some fishing.

rod and gun club everglades

It is past its glory days, but still has historic charm.    Known as Old Florida. Especially appealing if you enjoy taxidermy.

rod and gun club everglades

Rod & Gun Club Everglades


Granted it is a holiday; but we were a little surprised to be one of two boats on the wall for the night.    No water hook ups; but there is power.  We had to move back a bit to find cleats that weren’t broken to secure our boat.  Later we learned that the Everglade Isle marina .5 mile up the river is new and has a wonderful club room as part of its RV park and resort.

Rod & Gun Club Everglades

Christmas Eve Service

Our main purpose to stay was to attend a Christmas Eve Service; as our next stop is at anchor.     Within walking distance was a small church with services at 7pm.

christmas at rod and gun club

christmas at rod and gun club

christmas at rod and gun club

Fine Christmas tree

christmas at rod and gun club


We have managed to avoid getting tangled with crab pot markers.  Now we had a chance to see what is at the other end of the lines!    stacks and stacks of crab pots are along the shores where fishermen drop off the catch.

Rod & Gun Club Everglades

A taste of the Everglades

Later, As we were leaving for Shark river we could tell it was low tide- the crab pots were sitting in mud!

12.27 leaving shark



Remember we mentioned meeting new friends at Naples?  They were kind enough to offer to pick us up and drive to Fort Myers  to meet other boaters for a Christmas dinner at Ford Edison Marina .

Amazing Holiday feast comes a boat galley- we enjoyed the company and the food-  Turkey dinner, Chicken, salads and desserts !


Dingy through the mangroves to see the dolphins:

rod and gun club everglades

Our next stop is at Shark River then New Years in Marathon.  The winds are predicted to be over 30 soon, so we are hoping to arrive a few days early to beat the storm.

The tide swing is pretty distinctive- we went to sleep with a lovely view;

12.27 leaving shark

and woke to mud flats!!

12.28 to marathon

We saw a pink bird too- not a flamingo, but a Roseate Spoonbill I think.

12.28 to marathon

christmas at rod and gun club

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


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