A week at FMB and on to Naples

Full disclosure:   This post is back dated- I admit to getting sidetracked from the blog between mid December and Mid January- so here is my attempt to reconstruct the very fun weeks over the holidays! (as I sit on the deck of our boat at Faro Blanco on January 14th….)

My last post abruptly ended with us arriving at Snook Bight Marina near Fort Myers beach .   We spent a week enjoying the sandy beaches.   (looking back, I can really appreciate the miles of sandy beaches and bountiful shells as that is not commonly found once you arrive in the keys).

A couple bucks gets a pass on the city bus and we hopped off near the town square.   very festive decorations for the holidays!

fort myers week

The pier on the north tip of the island provides a great view of sunsets and the beaches are populated with umbrellas and camp chairs every day.     Our marina is half way down the island , but next to a Publix grocery store and across the street from public beaches.   Very convenient.

Another day on the bus, took us to the park on the south end of the island.    We hopped on a trolley and road across the park to the beach.    No visit is complete with out the selfie sitting on an old tree!   In this case it is a large rooted tree that attracts folks to hang shells in the crevices.

fort myers week

The birds a bit different at every beach-   not sure of the name for this one–

fort myers week

Fun stores along the town square:  The size of boat outboard engines has changed over the years.

fort myers week



Still sketching in my journal.   this little water color captures the birds chasing the waves.

fort myers week

Dave took a photo of a crab, and here it is captured in watercolor pencil:

fort myers week



The inside channel is shallow in many places. We backtracked north along the shrimp boats and mooring balls. then under the bridge to the Gulf of Mexico.

fort myers week

The photos show the view just beyond the day markers!

fort myers week

Taking the “outside route” to Naples; we left Fort Myers Beach on Dec xx and headed south about 3 miles off shore.      The channel is well marked , and we entered Gordons Pass to spend a few days at Naples.


The mooring balls managed by the municipal marina for $10 a day.   We signed up for 4 days. The dinghy dock was convenient for going ashore.

fort myers week

Sunday we took the dinghy to shore, then walked about .5 mile to a church service at the park.   The website said come with shorts and flip flops; and pets welcome!  This format works, as we joined about 1000 worshipers and enjoyed contemporary music and a good message!

fort myers week



I had never heard of Tin City.   We took our dinghy up the Gordon River and tied up to a public dock.     To preserve the history of the fishing area, old buildings have been converted to a quirky shopping mall.

fort myers week

A little history:

The area was first fished in the 1500s by Calusa Indians as the first  Shellers and fishermen in the area.    In the 1800’s the Gordon river was popular for clam shelling, oyster processing , boat construction and maintenance.   Tin roofed buildings housed many of these businesses.   (Tin roofs were chosen as deterrents to fire spreading) .

Business continued to boom thru the 1920’s as railroad became prosperous. Later it was left vacant as times changed.

By the 1970s the blocks of tin roofed buildings were salvaged and transformed to a marketplace.  Today it maintains the “old Florida Charm” housing unique antique, hand crafts and tourism shops .

Some days are filled with tourism.  Others are for chores- today we scheduled a  hair cut and to fill the propane tank for the grill.  This took a combination of dinghy ride and Uber ride – so nothing is simpler!

Bonus day-we met another couple of loopers- Charley and Robin McVey. We shared stories and compared notes and hoped to meet again later on our travels.   They had arrived in town by rental car from the Everglades.   It was great to share some laughs as we have been on our own for a few weeks now!

We have a lovely sunset view from our mooring ball- very tropical.     We were the only boat on a mooring here the first two nights (out of 8 mooring balls).   Oh, except for one fisher boat that came in and took a ball at 9pm then left at dawn.    I hope he isn’t trying to stiff the city of $10 per night!

fort myers week


Daily attempts at sketching in my art journal.

fort myers week

art and free time

fort myers week

Its makes me smile to reconstruct the days in Naples for this blog- hope you enjoy reading about our travels.   Next up- anchoring at Rookery Bay and Marco Island, as we get this blog up to date!






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One Response to A week at FMB and on to Naples

  1. Sharon Perlick says:

    Welcome Back! Happy New Year to you both. Have missed your blog and been wondering how you celebrated the holidays – and where! You look well and very tanned! Loved hearing about your Ft. Meyers/Naples visit. I have visited there the last couple of winters for a week visiting a friend who lives 40 minutes east of Ft. Meyers in Ave Maria! I too have visited and enjoyed Tin City and the boat cruise out to the Gulf seeing all the “mansions” that have been built there! Heading there again the 1st of February – looking forward to some warm weather for a week. I believe I remember you saying you would be heading back to MN in February. We enjoy your stories and the drawings. Safe journey to you. Sharon and Doug


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