Fort Meyers Beach- Snook Bight Marina

The Snow Storms on Minnesota; sending polar vortex to Florida?   No complaints here- we pulled anchor continued as planned- no wind has prevented our journey to date.   Before our trip, 15 knots might have kept us at the dock.  Later we thought twice at 18 mph winds.  Today- gusting to 25 mph; and whoohoo- bring it on!     There aren’t many boats out today, but we aren’t the only ones.

We met a tour boat-

to fort myers beach

Just a quick mention of Dave’s ingenuity-  he noticed an issue with the cables on the fly bridge and had to do a quick improvise- switched parts with the cabin console!

to fort myers beach

While the weather may not prevent our voyage; it does affect where we stop at next….


Plan A- stop for lunch at Cabbage Key.   Reputed to be the home of Jimmy Buffets Cheeseburger in Paradise.    It has up to $70,000 in dollar bills pinned to the walls by customers.   worth seeing in itself!

to fort myers beach

Not happening today-  the idea to stop at a nearby island and dingy over was just much challenge in the high winds (its hard to tell from the photo).    Mark this down on our list for ” reasons to do this trip again” to see the sights we miss the first time through!



Plan B- lets anchor near Pine Island – the Christmas Boat parade is Saturday night and we could dingy to St James to watch the parade.

We chose the southern side of York Island- by now the wind was from the East and blowing directly into this anchorage.  After dropping anchor, it became clear this was not a good overnight stay.


A quick call to Snook Bight marina – we arranged to arrive a day early.    Pulled anchor at York about 3:30 PM.  Change of course- how to get across the  San Carlos Pass,  under the Sanibel Causeway bridge, across the bay from Sanibel Marina to Matanzas Pass.


 As Dave was plotting the course towards the beach, Colleen couldn’t resist snapping photos.

to fort myers beach

What a beautiful sight- beach as far as you can see!

to fort myers beach


Passed under the bridge and wound our way through some skinny water!

Past a group of birds standing in water!

to fort myers beach

Past a row shrimp boats…

to fort myers beach




Feel so lucky that there was an opening at this marina-  we booked a week and are looking forward to exploring the beaches, tiki bars, trolley rides and more.

Here is an aired view borrowed from the website:


The pool is on the second floor!

The Publix Grocery store is across the parking lot- and the prices are reasonable- the sales flier features many items we need to provision!

Didn’t take long to find the beach!

to fort myers beach

Life is good.  someone had made this Sand-man on the beach!   A little taste of home!

to fort myers beach



Bit by bit we have added some Christmas décor to our boat!

to fort myers beach


Still looking for more decorations- our lighted wreath is a good start!

to fort myers beach



And to top it off, we had lunch with my cousin Janet whom I had never met before!  (Technically , Janet recalls we met in 1959 in franklin when my little brother was 8 weeks old)


A little history:    Mom had a twin sister named Esther. She moved to Alaska.   Sorry to admit that I have not met all my Alaska cousins; through Christmas letters, and Moms efforts to stay in touch I know a bit about each of the Erickson cousins. We have met Dave and Carlton on their travels through Minnesota;       I have always thought it would take  a trip to Alaska to meet my other cousins-  how perfect that Janet moved to Florida 35 years ago and now we can meet in Florida!!  ( I still have “visit Alaska”  on my bucket list; as there are other cousins yet to meet. )

We had a great afternoon; and shared stories of memories of our twin mothers!  What a great day we had!

Next up- exploring Fort Myers Beach- Trolley rides, the nature preserve , the Edison Ford Museum and more…

Is anyone else still Christmas Shopping? 


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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  1. Darlene Bratberg says:

    Where’s the picture of cousin Janet and you???❤️❤️Expect it soon😎😘


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