Clearwater Beach for Thanksgiving

Plan A-  anchor near Clearwater Beach. Plan B- head in to the Clearwater Beach Marina.  We may have been a little off on timing the tides, and found bottom near the spot we planned to anchor.   Luckily the tide was rising!   At the same time, Enterprise was having a little difficulty with the dingy tow rope and the propeller- what a morning.

Colleen got on the radio and hailed the marina” any slips open ? “.    We stopped at the fuel dock, found it is self service for pumping fuel and pump out.    Those chores done, moved to a slip and we were at the beach with in the hour!

Every town has its flavor- Dunedin by Marker 1 was classy but no tourism.  Turtle Cove at Tarpon Springs was shallow, popular and walking distance to souvenir shops and restaurants.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach Marina is classic waterfront tourism-  hope we don’t get rocked too badly by  the dolphin sighting boats, fishing charters,  tourism boats, ferry and pirate day trip boats!!






Clearwater Beach

Easy in – although the first slip they suggested was too narrow. We actually pulled in and touched side to side on the pillars.   Next try worked better as we moved over one slip. Enterprise pulled in next to us so it will be convenient to cook Thanksgiving dinner together.

Clearwater Beach

The sand beaches stretch all along the shore at Clearwater Beach.    The jelly fish were numerous in the water, and we may have spotted a shark swim by not too far from shore.   Still a great swim and sun day.   So fun to see the young families and older couples enjoying the day.

Even the view from our boat was colorful-

Clearwater Beach



The turkey was provided by Kurt and Patty of Enterprise, and cooked in our oven.   And an excuse to pull out a “power tool”- Dave’s rechargeable filet knife came in handy.

We toyed with the idea of having seafood, but green beans, sweet potatoes and turkey won out.   Thankful for so many things on this day- missing family and friends and hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving where ever you may be.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach



Each night vendors set up on the pier to entertain or sell items as the sun goes down.

This town likes its dolphins!     


Clearwater Beach

As the sun sets, the crowd cheers.



One thing missing in this town- groceries!   Without getting back on the trolley to go to the mainland, we were stumped to find a place to get bread and milk and other provisions.     This made eating out a good choice for the evening.

We walked the strip looking for a restaurant that would be over the top.   No one had a specific place in mind.     We passed up Hooters and Frenchies, and decided on a seafood place called Cooters.   The name may have been a hint; but it did have good reviews.


This is the first time we have returned a plate of food! The shrimp was cold and shriveled- they graciously brought a replacement plate that was OK.     Next time will do our homework before wandering the streets for a dinner choice.      We try to eat on the boat most nights; and really appreciate a great restaurant when we do opt to eat out with friends.



Each Marina is drawing us in to stay a few more days.   We had made reservations at Gulfport  Municipal Marina next and decide to move on.   We will be traveling alone as our friends on Enterprise chose to stay a week.    Funny how we crossed a few weeks ago with 7 boats; and had previously traveled with up to 15 boats on the waterway–  now down to one.     There are so many choices here , the loopers have all spread out in various locations.   

Every day is an adventure!   Thanks for reading.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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2 Responses to Clearwater Beach for Thanksgiving

  1. Teresa Lasher says:

    Frenchy’s on the waterfront is our choice when in Clearwater! Ran into Enterprise folks on Clearwater Beach and at Marina.

    Safe travels and hole to run into you soon.

    Steve & Teresa, Sanctuary


  2. Darlene Bratberg says:

    You guys are amazing !! Went to Caroline and Gregs for Thanksgiving! Great meal and visit!! Love ” traveling” with you!!


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