Recovery week at Marker1 Marina

Successful crossing – celebration is in order!    We were so happy to have a crossed in a full moon, and to have the calm seas just as predicted!     Now to settle in at Marker1 Marina in Dunedin for a week of fun and relaxation!

Tarpon Springs



The Jolly Trolley is the best way to get around the area.  $5  per person for a day pass!  It has routes all along the coast (Clearwater to the south; or Tarpon Springs to the north); also a Coastal route- hop on for a ride to Clearwater Beach!  Thankfully the drivers were very friendly and helpful – they may have recognized us as out of towners!

All it took is a call from our friends on THE Jill Kristy (Richard and Jill) to invite us over to Turtle Cove Marina at Tarpon Springs.   We found the Jolley Trolley Schedule and away we go….

Tarpon Springs


We met at a restaurant called the Rusty Belly and enjoyed various sea food dishes!

Tarpon Springs

Several of the boats that made the crossing with us were staying at Tarpon Springs and joined us  at the Rusty Belly for lunch!

loopers at rusty belly


Tarpon Springs sponge docks are the tourism attraction for this area.   The area has strong Greek heritage- many  settling in this area for the sponge trade.

Tarpon Springs

Colleen and Jill helped support the local economy- here is a perfect sponge for an herb garden on board!

tarpon springs , dunedin, beach

Of course, the guys found a spot to wait patiently while we checked out a shop that made ivory jewelry out of shells-

Tarpon Springs



To make good use of our day pass, we took another ride to Tarpon Springs for dinner with Kurt and Patty.   The Greek meal was the best of the trip so far!

tarpon springs , dunedin, beach


We shared a tiramisu for dessert then resisted buying anything at the bakery next door- but it was tempting!

tarpon springs , dunedin, beach

Did I mention we are able to resist dessert to go?

tarpon springs , dunedin, beach



Marker1 marina is centrally located, but must say not many activities in the neighborhood.  So back on the trolley another day- we are going to head across the bay to Clearwater Beach.    This run requires a change of busses at the terminal in downtown Clearwater.      Dave thought there must be hotel doorman convention, everyone was hurrying down the street in black pants and vest with white shirts.     Hmmmm…    not a convention, we are next door to the headquarters of the Church of  Scientology!!

We continued on  the trolley to the spend the afternoon at the beach:

tarpon springs , dunedin, beach


tarpon springs , dunedin, beach


We had so much fun, we decided this would be our next marina stop too!


While Tarpon Springs celebrates its Greek Heritage, a few miles south Dunedin is proud of its Celtic Heritage.    Here we were entertained by the Middle School Celtic Band and dancers !

tarpon springs , dunedin, beach


and they were proud to perform!

Dunedin Celtic Band


Dunedin Celtic Band

The week was rounded out by attending the Dunedin Art show,  checking out a few more shops and meeting more loopers as they arrived at Marker 1 marina.

Wonder what’s in store for next week– as we move a few miles south, and try out the Clearwater Beach marina?

Thanks for reading- hope you enjoy hearing about our travels as much as we like to share!





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