Carrabelle – Weather Window for Gulf crossing


The moon will be full in a few days and the weather forecasts are looking good for crossing.  


 November 14th  full moon will appear bigger and brighter in the night sky than it has in nearly 70 years, and all you have to do to witness its shining glory is look up. 

“Supermoon” is a non-technical term for a moon that turns full at the same time it hits perigee — the point on its orbit when it is closest to Earth. The moon’s path around our planet is shaped more like an oval than a circle, so there are times when it is closer to us (perigee) and times when it is farther away (apogee).

Supermoons occur about once every 14 months on average. However, Sunday night’s supermoon is extra super because the moon will be even closer to Earth than usual.

The last time the moon sailed this close to Earth was on Jan. 26, 1948, when it came 30 miles closer. The next time won’t be until Nov. 24, 2034, when the distance between the two bodies will be 40 miles less



Back on the GICW; the terrain continues to flatten and meander into swamps and  flatlands.

To Carrabelle FL

   Creeks join the channel then trail off into the swamp land.  An aerial view gives a feel of what is beyond our view. 

aerial apalachicola


We keep following the chart and continue on to Apalachicola .   This is another popular stopping point for loopers, but since we had provisioned at Port St Joe, we motored on by.   

To Carrabelle FL

To Carrabelle FL

The bridges on this stretch are few and far between. This old railroad bridge is a swing bridge- and was open as we passed through.

Appalachicola to Carrabelle



Our final destination on the panhandle is Carrabelle – our jumping off point to cross the big bend and  Gulf of Mexico to Tarpon Springs.  


Appalachicola to Carrabelle

The docks are short and designed for backing into.   Dave did a great job backing in to the short narrow slip.  The tides here swing 3 feet!    Learning the importance of adjusting the lines accordingly.



To Carrabelle FL


Check oil and engines;

Appalachicola to Carrabelle


Prepare food for the crew:

Appalachicola to Carrabelle

We joined several other looper boats waiting to cross.    Our goal of crossing with a full moon is within our grasp!

Carrabelle has a grocery store, hardware store and restaurant across the street from the Moorings marina.    The marina serves free hot breakfast each morning, so the loopers gather and plan the day over breakfast!

We intended to find the smallest police station- but got side tracked.  I borrowed this photo from the internet; so if you are in Carrabelle get a photo for me!   I believe it is still there.


We are watching Eddies Weather wag daily.   This  is an online weather recap that provides us with current weather conditions on the gulf and advises of the best time to cross ( for both go-fast boats and the laid back loopers who travel at 8 mph- like us).   The weather looks good, the moon will be full and we are scheduled to depart Carrabelle on November 14.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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