Hello Mobile Alabama

Mobile is a hub of commercial activity


The radio chatter picks up as we approach Mobile.  One of the first buildings we identify is the convention center-   a highlight as this is located at mile marker zero.   We have been counting down the miles since Grand Harbor Marina at Mile marker 450.  

11-3 to mobile bay (139)

Across from the convention center is the main ship yard for Austal- a large facility that builds navy ships.   There are two in process- Dave recognized them as stealth naval vessel.     

11-3 to mobile bay (141)

High speed stealth tri-marine design by Austal-  .  supplier of high speed aluminum vessels for the US military.  




Shipping containers stand ready for loading along the docks.  China and  Costco were most common. 

11-3 to mobile bay (69)

Hundreds and hundreds.

11-3 to mobile bay (85)

    A containership might up to 7500 containers;  and we met one just as we were leaving the channel.      Crossed our fingers that none would come sliding off (as seen in the Robert Redford movie).

11-5 crossing (39)

A few other sights along the way included a naval research laboratory, 

11-3 to mobile bay (57)

11-3 to mobile bay (107)

more naval ships.


and ocean going ships

11-3 to mobile bay (61)


Once we identified the correct channel markers – we were immediately out in the bay.   

11-3 to mobile bay (46)

11-3 to mobile bay (11)

There were shrimp boats and fish boats in the channel,


and they seemed to attract the dolphins to play in their wakes.


     I did not expect to see dolphins so soon and it was an awesome sight.    Worth all the miles we put in to get here.

11-3 to mobile bay (20)

   Beautiful 72 degrees, sunny and dolphins leading the way.

11-3 to mobile bay (25)

   Life is good.  We reached Mobile Bay about 1:15.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi enjoy your site and pictures what a trip and experience! Have a blessed thanksgiving .will miss you two love you both!


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