Last day on the river waterways

With the early wake up call from the passing barge traffic, we got an early start.  Still it was a 57 mile day to arrive at the last scheduled anchorage before we get to Mobile Bay.


57 mile day- when will these long miler days ever end?   Back in Lake Superior we thought a run to Stockton Island was a good run and it was 18 miles!!

The Tensas River meets the Black Warrior at mile 39 (38 miles from mobile mile 0).  It is deep so we just followed it about .5 mile to a bend and dropped anchor in about 10 feet of water.


The next morning we pulled anchor about 7 am and backtracked to the water way.  Just as we rounded the bend, there were 4 boats anchored at the mouth of the river.

11-3 to mobile bay (290)


Three were rafted together and one anchored nearby.   We didn’t recognize them, so just motored past – taking a few photos in case we meet them later we can share a photo!

11-3 to mobile bay (272)

Looking forward to a great day on the water- we should arrive in Mobile Alabama mid afternoon.


Navy Ships ahead

As we rounded a bend, it appeared there were a pair of Navy ships approaching.  Colleen could see them side by side through the binoculars.   Odd- Dave hailed them on the radio; and the captain chuckled and said he was a tow captain- his tow was pushing two disabled Navy ships towards us!  As they approached we could identify the tow in the rear and the two distinct ships!   An interesting sight.

navy ships with tow

navy ships with tow

We continued to follow the sailing line on our chart plotter, as it zig zagged from one side of the river to the other to avoid the shoaling.  The depth beyond a marker could easily drop to 2 feet or less.

The scenery gradually changed from lush trees to swamp and palm tree like plants.  Even the river system morphed into fingers of swamps.

11-2 tenn tom (11)



At Mile marker 9.8 at the Big Bayou Canot, we were reminded of the crash that occurred September 22, 1993.    In the fog, a tow with barges had missed a turn and entered into a creek where it hit a railroad bridge.   Shortly after, an oncoming  Amtrak passenger train derailed off the disabled bridge killing 47 people.     Had any pleasure craft been anchored on this bend at the time they would have been causalities of the crash.    Sobering thought.  


We have seen interesting plants and equipment along the water way.  Today it appears to be a mega recycling plant.  The grappling hooks pick up bundles of scrap metal from the barges.

11-2 tenn tom (31)

It doesn’t take long to dump and load one bundle at a time.

11-2 tenn tom (35)


Zooming in on the scrap it was still hard to determine what was in the loads.

11-2 tenn tom (33)

You never know what will catch your eye along the shore as we speed along at 9 miles per hour!

We are just miles away from Mobile Alabama and that will begin a whole new adventure!





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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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