Visiting the Southern plantation

Touring a restored cotton farm plantation home called the Waverley Plantation was a highlight of Columbus.

waverley Plantation

Construction began in 1840 and it was completed in 1852; the house was originally owned by George Hampton Young.   It was an independent  Plantation with production of  produce and meat, textiles and energy.  The Young’s had 10 children, but the last died a bachelor in the early 1900’s.     After the 1918, the mansion fell into disrepair at the end of the Young line. It sat  deserted for 50 years, and became a local hangout for partiers. Thankfully the structure of the home remained intact – along with many of the furnishings such as large ornate mirrors and chandeliers.     The major restoration began when the property was purchased by the current owner Robert Snow in 1962.

waverley Plantation

The Plantation home is named  Waverley , and is distinguished by its octagonal rotunda topped by a cupola.  It was declared a national Historic Landmark in 1973.

It has been in the process of restoration over the years , but is open for tours.  You can see by the photos that areas are still in need of repair.   This is a unique local attractions, as the owners still live in the house; while it is open for tours at $10 per person.

waverley Plantation

A very detailed tour guide gives the tours and he seems to really know his topic well!

Here are some photos

It features a self supporting spiral stair case

waverley Plantation


Considered to be haunted.  We did not see any unusual floating figures. But the view through the door would be very inviting.

waverley Plantation

A Wrought iron and crystal chandelier hangs to the second floor of the house.

waverley Plantation

The outbuildings include a pump house with birdhouses and a small building that now houses a  few antiques for sale.

waverley Plantation

waverley Plantation

The back gardens were dormant, but  tucked away in a corner were a few fenced in pens with Turkeys and colorful Peacocks ?

waverley Plantation




The large magnolia tree that over shades the front walk is very old:

waverley Plantation



During plantation Days, it was a 4000 acre self-sustaining farm producing massive quantities of cotton.  The farming was carried out by slaves and after the war by hired laborer’s.  While several areas are refurbished, others are in need of repair.

waverley Plantation


waverley Plantation

So ends another tour that stirred up lots of conversation regarding the history of the area.   Learning something every day; just as it should be!







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