One Night Up a Creek (Bear Creek)

Pulled anchor and heading south with out our buddy boat today.   Enterprise is not attending the Rendezvous at Joe Wheeler Park, so we will travel the next 60 miles on our own.     You can follow the adventures of Enterprise by following their page on facebook


We were not “on our own” for long -as we pulled out of the bay, we fell in line with 4 other boats flying looper flags. Another day, another caravan of boats !


Over the past months we have stayed in contact with The Jill Kristy; whom we met in Milwaukee (visited the Harley Museum and Art Museum with Richard and Jill).  Today they raised on the radio and said they were coming down river from Florence.  A quick look at the charts told us we would meet in the river in about 4 miles!       We pulled off the channel and rafted together to catch up.   They have been to Chattanooga on the Tennessee River and stayed at Joe Wheeler Marina; and were on the way to the tenn- Tom waterway next.     We are going the other way to Joe Wheeler for the AGLCA Rendezvous!      10-13-to-little-bear-creek-tennessee-river-146We shared some stories, talked about mutual friends we had met on the loop and had a good laugh, then unhooked and headed off for opposite water directions!      They are an inspiration, traveling on a 25 foot Macgregor Sailboat with no mast!      Read more about their travels at


Our waterway guide showed a nice anchorage on the Little Bear Creek at mile 250. The notes warned of possible silting over at the entrance so stay to the starboard side when entering.

  10-13-to-little-bear-creek-tennessee-river-137 This would have been fine but for the 3 trees that have fallen into the water on the starboard side…..     We decided to glide in carefully and anchored as instructed “   approach toward the center of the creek, and anchor across from the house hidden in the woods”. We waited for the barge to slide by , then entered the creek.



       Anchor secure, drop the dingy and explore the shore line.   


The owner of the house in the woods was canoeing near the entrance.


  We greeted him and asked if he minds that we anchored right across from his house.    He said no problem, another boater had been here a few nights before.  The land across the creek is owned and managed by the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)  and it is a wildlife preserve. 

The heron  were plentiful and so close to the boat we could watch them catch fish along the shore line.     We spotted other birds from our dingy ride.

It has been common for the Monarchs to following along with our boat- perhaps also migrating south with us.


     Colleen tried to get a photo,  but it kept blending in with the rocks.  Also took a few minutes to sketch in her artists travel journal: 


The fall colors continue to change, and the evenings are very cool and comfortable.   A bit of barge traffic passed in the night, but we were tucked well back in the creek so didn’t even feel the wake.



Not until leaving the following morning did it occur to us how unique it is to be anchored on a remote part of the river all by ourselves and feel so peaceful and secure.   This is the first night without the company of other boats in the same in anchorage.     It was a nice evening; but we decided that having at least one other boat with us would be a better choice!      Next week we will be back with Enterprise; and all will be good.

Today we traveled 33 miles; and with the locking time; were on the move for 5 hours.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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One Response to One Night Up a Creek (Bear Creek)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome pics! Looks like a beautiful part of the river route! Now we’ll have to add this to our travel wishlist! Safe journey ahead… to the Gulf.


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