Swallow Island to Pickwick Lock

The days are short; and an 8 hour day now means arriving at an anchorage at dusk.   We woke early at Swallow Island- and pulled anchor to get an early start down the river.    Looked over at Enterprise to check for the signal to head out.

Instead saw this:

As Patty wrestled with the anchor we saw this beyond the point of the island-    looper boats going past us!!

First one, then another and then another.   They must have all stopped at the marina we had passed about an hour before we reached our anchorage!

By the time we entered the main channel of the Tennessee River at 8:30am; there were 7 boats ahead of us- Nomad, Abaco, Bajan, No Regrets, Catan, Emprise and D’Amore.     We joined the caravan and headed toward the Pickwick Lock and Dam.  We ran at our typical 8 MPH,  0ne boat  slowly passed everyone and disappeared ahead of the group.


By the time we approached the lock at 1:30, the lockmaster had decided to lock the first boat by itself rather than wait 30 minutes for the rest of us.   The rest of the group gradually assembled at the lock to wait for the lock to empty again for our group.     If that boat hadn’t sped ahead, we would not have had to wait at  all.  This will be the challenge on the tenn tom – multiple locks and various speeds.

PICKWICK LOCK and DAM  Mile Marker 206.7

This lock will raise us 52 feet so we can flow into Pickwick lake.


Pickwick Lock




We arrived at lock 1:30     departed lock at 2:45

We are Leaving Tennessee,  and between Mississippi and Alabama.  We passed Shiloh Civil War Battle Field and will be coming back to tour it by car in a few weeks


The homes along the river bank are getting upscale, and look like vacation homes- I took some photos to give an idea of the styles.


10-12-swallow-to-pickwick-90One smart idea is to  build a pole awning then park the rv inside it.   Instant shade  These are done in various configurations along the bank.





We stopped at a bay called Panther and spent the night at anchor.  A quick spin in the dingy and it was already sunset.   Joined by several bass boats and a few campers on shore.

My favorite shots include water reflections; so I am a happy camper tonight.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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