Day 3 on Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River

Promises of Cinnamon Rolls and moonshine met us at the dock at Pebble Isle Marina on Kentucky Lake.




It was a quick run of 38 miles, and a dicey entrance into the very shallow harbor entrance.   It is well marked, but some cause for concern when the directional sign is mounted on concrete blocks and it is all above the water line!   


The Turkey Vultures are a  common sight along these waters- reminds me of the looney tunes cartoons – Buz Buzzard. 

Having arranged to go straight to the fuel dock, we were met by Billy and owner Randy  to help with our lines.  While Billy conversed with the girls about Loretta Lynn, Dirks Bentley, Faith Hill and her husband, and his cousin who works for someone that knows the person who used to be the sound man for the band that broke up…..    meanwhile Dave was pumping our fuel and trying to monitor how much to put into each tank.      Billy was friendly and a good ole southern boy. We left the fuel dock and Billy  offered to meet over at over at the transient dock.  He made a good effort to get over to the dock, but it was a bit of hike for him; we were glad to see the loopers  ready to grab line for us.  (we are traveling with Enterprise so we both tied up at the long transient dock.


A couple other boaters  were there to greet us as well; and recommended the restaurant, along with tips on the proper way to drink a shot of moonshine. (I believe the flavor was apple caramel?)        One thing about this trip- there is no shortage of advice from those who travel ahead of us.   Very reassuring to know that others have experienced the route and can pass on this local knowledge!   We stopped at the office for rolls and coffee- The coffee was self serve- so Dave did the serving:


 We were very tempted to spend an extra day and visit Loretta Lynn (Billy thought she might be home on the farm….)  and also the Johnsonville Civil War memorials, but our time frame won out.   We will leave in the morning.        The courtesy van was available, so a quick Walmart run was in order to get a few groceries.     Love these courtesy cars!!    The marinas are so considerate of the loopers who travel without a car.   (Unlike local boaters, who obviously would arrive by car, boat for the weekend, then go home). 

Meeting Boaters along the Way

If any readers have considered or dreamed about doing the loop; you may have read “Honey Lets Get a Boat “ by Eva Stobbs,   or “Reflections on the Great Loop” by George and Patricia Hospodar.     Both books referred to the long stretches of water way where they would not see other boaters or especially other boats doing America’s great loop.         Our experience has been the opposite.     It may be due to the tail end of the baby boomers, or the low fuel prices; but we are seeing 6 to 10 looper boats in every marina, (identified by the Looper AGLCA burgee).      If a person did the loop in 2014, fuel might have been $4 per gallon.   We are paying $2.20 per gallon.     Some like to say doing the loop in 2016 is half price!

This is a very social trip ….  A few weeks ago, we passed through Hoppies Marina and picked up 9 boats to go through the locks together. We attended a looper dinner at Green Turtle Bay and the tent was full of folks doing the loop.   This week we arrived at Pebble Isle Marina and saw about 8 boats with looper flags flying.  Funny thing is, we knew many of them by name from our dock walks in Chicago! 


Summer Time, Sanctuary, Jo-ela, Blue Moon, Jaycie Lynn, Enterprise, also a  PDQ Catamaran, and a Monk 36- 

Here is the burgee for the America’s Great Loop  Cruisers Association.  Most boaters on the loop are flying this burgee.   If it has a white background, you are first time on the loop; if a gold background- you have completed the loop once.   I haven’t seen one yet, but there are also silver flags ; a “platinum looper” has completed the loop more than once!



 June 10 to October 10 – four months into our trip :

We celebrated a milestone on October 10 as we were leaving the bay.   It is

4 months since we officially started the loop at Mackinaw City Michigan on June 10th!!   

In that four months we have traveled    1400  miles (out of 6500 total trip anticipated).

*we were on the move 33 days

*stayed -put 51 of those days.

Where did we stay?

               Stayed in marinas 71 days

               Anchored out  13 days      

We went home for   28days

States visited :5






               So that is our summer to date in a nutshell.   Let me know if you have any questions  about any aspect of the trip.  

Next up,  back to anchoring to enjoy the scenic route down the Tennessee River.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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