Green Turtle Bay Kentucky

What a sense of relief knowing the challenges of the Illinois River, dodging of debris on the Mississippi, going upstream  and meeting barges on the Ohio and the winding Cumberland River are behind us.   Our reward is enter Barkley Lake and relaxing at Green Turtle Bay Marina !


The courtesy car offered by the marina was put to good use.  One trip was to Paducah, to do a few errands (Verizon, Best Buy and Walmart) and to see a Civil War Museum.   Six of us took the van and were able to enjoy a nice lunch and get a lesson on Paducah’s role in the Civil War.  We learned that although Kentucky had chosen to remain neutral in the war, there were some key events that occurred in the area – mainly involving disputes between the North and South for control of the river traffic which would supply the armies.  This had particular interest to our group as we had just boated down the rivers that were featured in the exhibits.

In reading the travel brochures for our trip south, the places to visit will often be Civil War sights.  We decided to stop at one small museum to get started.  It is the Lloyd Tilghman House and Civil War Museum.   The volunteer tour guide said they have spent their efforts on the interior- and we would all agree.  In fact, we drove around twice to confirm that we were at the right spot.

Of course no outing is complete with out a good meal:


We explored Paducah with Kurt and Patti on Enterprise from Detroit; ,  Barry and Alicia on M’Lady  from Staten Island and us (Moon Shadow) from Buffalo Mn.   Lots of laughs and stories .




Back at the marina, we found folks feeding the turtles off the dock.  The marina sells a cup of turtle food for $1.00.    They were hungry turtles!    and deserved a page in Colleen’s travel journal too.

Every town has a Must See Restaurant, and here it is Patti’s 1880’s settlement.  It has a gift shop and other attractions, but we went for the 2 inch pork chops and mile high pie.  (and the bread baked in a flower pot!)

We joined more boaters from the Lake Michigan area and had a great evening. The restaurant sends a car to pick up diners from the marina!



If you read any blogs about the loopers, you know that eating out, and “dock-tails” or “boat-tails” are popular subjects.   Having a portable appetizer ready at a moments notice has become a challenge.

Here are a few examples of our social events:

Our first docktail party- at Green Turtle Bay:

10.3 dock party (1).JPG

and more eating opportunities- the Looper Q, hosted by the GTB:

All was good, until the band played the banjo deliverance tunes;   not a favorite of the northern boaters.

There were many looper boats at this marina – most are on the way to the AGLCA Rendezvous Oct 16 at Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama.  (More info on that later)

We spent a week at this marina- might have moved on sooner but for the buy 5 get 2 nights free special.    So in addition to all the fun outings, we made time for haircuts, laundry, groceries and monthly bill payments and a cruise around the marina in our dingy.


We met several other loopers and exchanged boat cards :


So for you folks that rolled their eyes when we mentioned that  boat cards were ordered- they come in handy.   One boater admitted that they did not print cards and now regret it- its the looper thing to do;    “Hello do you have a boat card?”  Some have their photo on the back, a blog address, a facebook page or  just name and phone number.  This is the age of the social media looper!

See the side bar of the blog for some of the other blogs that we follow.

Dave changed the fuel filters and Colleen attended an Aqua Zumba class- and drew a sketch just for fun as proof:



M’Lady invited us over for dinner one night – we enjoyed traveling with Barry and Alicia,  but they are going ahead of us so we won’t see them for a while.    She served  Bouillabaisse Pasta  in the pilot house and we brought tiramisu to serve in the salon of their Kadey Krogen whaleback trawler.  (For more background on this style of boat check out : )

10-7-kentucky-lake-50SAILING REGATTA

J10-6-gtb-2ust to show we have not forgotten our  roots:

I will leave you with one more photo-

This is for our sailing friends- the lead boat at the Sailing Regatta taking place on Barkley Lake.  We are off the rivers and sharing the waters with sailors once again.

So ends a week’s worth of notes  and memories as we prepare to throw off the dock lines once again and head through the channel over to Kentucky Lake and points south.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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