So Long Old Man River; on to the Ohio River

We enjoyed a peaceful night on the river and took lots of pictures of the boats around us.    Enterprise was close to the bridge and looked very picturesque. Jo-Ella is always beautiful, and M’lady was very regal in the calm waters of the creek.

The first five boats left by 7am, the rest of us pulled anchor  shortly after, and looked forward to our last day on the Mississippi, and moving on to the Ohio River today.

The anchorage was at mile marker 48.8; this means we have 48.8 miles to go to the zero mile of the Upper Mississippi around Cairo, Ill.  At that point we will join the Ohio River and begin going upstream.   Ole Mississippi has pushed us along with the additional  4mph current.   The Ohio current will be against us, so we loose that advantage and will slow down a bit.


Heading down bound, one of the first ships we met was  the USS LST 325.   The guys were all pretty interested in this ship. Later I found the website     and learned it is restored to tour the river as a museum.   The LST stands for “landing ship, tank”   it is an amphibious vessel designed to land battle ready tanks, troops and supplies onto enemy shores.  It served in  World War II, then artic operations in the 1950’s, and later was in service in the Greek Island of Crete.  It took the 6500 mile journey to Alabama in 2000, and now carries out its mission to educate visitors to the role of LST in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.


The water was a distinct color change at the mouth of the Ohio River.  We are now heading up stream, and the channel markers are now Red on the right and green on the left.

The first area we passed is a parking  area for empty barges and unused towboats.  Once in a while one would begin moving so stay alert.


Here is a screen shot of our GPS  and AIS charts for today:  The first shows the traffic we encountered, the second is the winding river before meeting the Ohio.  South, North, South then North on the Ohio!

One of the most anticipated lock and dam locations is on the Ohio known as lock number 53 and 52 along with the new lock that is still under construction called the Olmsted Lock and dam. in fact, I think they deserve a separate blog entry.   So I will stop here and continue with the locks  story tomorrow.






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