Hoppies Barge to anchor at Kaskaskia Lock Wall

One by one the boats threw off the dock lines and rolled out into the Mississippi current to continue down river.    We followed Fern’s instructions; first put the engine in reverse to spit out any debris that may have accumulated overnight around the engines.  Next throw off the bow line and spring line.  Keep the stern line wrapped on the cleat and release it after the  bow is pulled out into the current. Rev the engines and shoot across the current  to the far side of the river to avoid the wing dams submerged just down stream of the docks.


Next stop will be the Kaskaskia lock wall with the permission of the lockmaster.

At risk of repeating myself, must say it was another day of debris on the river.  We briefly considered going 110 miles to Little Diversion, but decided to stop at 45 miles and check out the Kaskaskia Lock at Fern’s recommendation.   First we passed many tows representing all the various kinds we learned about at a the museum.


The lockmaster gave brief instructions to enter past the barge with the Crane and tie up to cleats on the dock wall between the two pillars.    The signage wasn’t inviting, but the company was great.


We joined a sailboat and four other loopers at the wall.   The wall is located adjacent to the lock, so there is no way to walk to shore.   Dingys are an option, but no one wanted to drop there dingy so we just stayed aboard.   We enjoyed a nice sunset looking over the lock wall:



No surprises that the rivers are industrial.  Did not expect our overnight stays would in a work zone.

There was concern that the drop in temperature would bring morning fog, so we were glad the only fog was drifting along the shore line, and burned off as the sun rose.

No sleeping in, the workers arrived at 6:30 and moved the crane barge over for fuel so they could work on the lock.

Another day on the river





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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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