side trip to st louis wednesday

Side trips are part of the looping experience.  For starters, we negotiated weekend rates for our enterprise rental car.  Couldn’t get the 9.99 weekend rate, but by picking the right days, the price dropped from $76 down to $36 per day.   Always looking for the bargain!

Grabbed few maps ,  and off to ST Louis to see the Arch.      The tour started at the Old Courthouse , then walked over to the arch.   The Civil War era history is prevalent here.

both Dave and Kurt were hesitant when they looked at the sample elevator car for five that was displayed by the ticket counter.   

 Good sports, they agreed to go up for the tour. We wanted to check the view to see what our trip would encounter.

Patty had been told to inquire about the national park pass.   At age 62 it costs $10 for the pass; and allows free admission.   So Dave got his pass ( turned 62 a few weeks ago); and we saved the admission fee.  Another bargain day!  Now we will be on the look out for National Parks on are trip.

At the suggestion of a looper, we also went to the Basilica.   Great choice-   beautiful, photos will not do it justice.  Plus we had a very entertaining tour guide- trying to explain the catholic symbolism to a couple Minnesota Lutherans can be daunting

The art is all mosaic not painted.

Left The basilica and tried to recall what area we were advised to avoid…..     As we approached boarded up homes and businesses, and a sign for Ferguson; we felt it would be good to head back toward the freeway …

Tomorrow is a bonus day to explore Alton by car.  Patty  and Colleen have a long list of must see stops ( don’t tell the guys yet).



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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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