A short stay in Grafton Ill. (Sept 17)

The Homes  are stilts, RV parks are almost in water, trees are surrounded by water.  The flood levels are being reached.    Today we will be at Grafton – Mile marker zero of the Illinois River.

Today the river was calm, and getting wider.   The homes along the river are on tall stilts- looking at least 3 stories high; ground level is the boat and truck, second level Is a deck then a flight up to the actual house!

Traveled 60 miles arrived Grafton  Illinois.   Man, Illinois is a long state- we keep going south and just cant cross over the Illinois border!

With the high waters, we have become extra cautious going under bridges.  The railroad bridge listed at 31 feet was only 23 ft clearance according to the bridge tender.  He bumped it up 10 feet for us, and Enterprise followed through too.


No cell phone coverage or internet since we left Tall timbers (or very limited).  Didn’t think ahead to download a map of Grafton harbor.    We almost passed the harbor as there were no signs, and the current was picking up as it approached the Mississippi confluence.     With some radio contact, we found the entrance, pulled into our slip with assistance from the dockhand and prepared to experience Grafton Missouri.

Grafton is a small town of 600 people.  The harbor is the center of town, and very touristy.  It was crowded with wine tasting bus tours (girlfriend getaway destination) and several bars had competing outdoor bands.

We had lunch at the oyster bar- oysters and alligator on the menu.   We booked two days, but in hindsight it, one day would have been enough.

As we walked a few blocks to explore town, we asked what to see.  The local said this is it by the marina , don’t bother walking further.    Unfortunately the welcome center is on the edge of town about a mile walk – we didn’t check it out .

When making the reservation, the desk clerk recommended the boat show extravaganza- it was a small display of pontoons and a few vendors.  In hindsite,    If we had known how nice Alton would be in a few miles , we would have skipped Grafton!

Not many photo ops – on to the next stop.  The might Mississippi.





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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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