Tall Timbers Marina Havana, Ill.

One advantage of traveling with other boats includes the daily “captains meeting” to review the day and plan the course for the next day.   We’ve been lucky to connect with two other boaters of similar experience and knowledge about boating.   Tonight the crew members gathered on our boat with iPad, tablets and navigation notes.   One of the topics was the next lock and dam.    We are wondering what is a Wicket??   The Peoria Lock and Dam is a Wicket dam, and we heard that the wickets are down.    We need to know this before we reach the lock and dam which will be  our 7th lock.

All three boats threw off the dock lines and departed IVY club at 8:45 am.   With 48 miles to go, it should take about 5 hours to reach Tall Timbers Marina. Reservations were made ahead of time so we are ensured of a slip. 

The city of Peoria is the first sight we pass-  Headquarters of Caterpillar can be seen from the harbor.    Peoria is located in the middle of America.          Colleen brought out her copy of Huckleberry Finn and noted that we are now entering Mark Twain Land!   On the map, we are heading down bound on the Illinois river from Peoria ILL, and will join the Mississippi in a couple days.



For our purposes, we will enjoy the view and continue on our way.    The heavy equipment operators along the shore inspired Colleen to pull out her sketchbook:  Here are a couple  “ Sandbox Toys for Big Boys”.     They remind us of the old Tonka toys from our younger years.


Tall Timbers Marina is a small quaint marina on the LDB (Left descending bank) in the village of Havana.  Bob gave us good directions for entering the harbor, and helped us tie up.   It is a one-man band at this marina.  Rustic amenities, great service and a short walk to town.

 Worth the stop, we were able to buy some beer even though the bar was closed for the season.      



Port Bonheur took off early the next morning, so we lost one of our threesome.     Enterprise and Moon Shadow stayed a second night to explore the town. 

Walked to Dollar General, ACE Hardware and the Rockwell Mound Memorial Park  . The Rockwell mound has been dated to 150AD.  It also is a spot that Abraham Lincoln and Douglas had spoken during the Civil War era.  The downtown buildings and shops were old and not too inviting.  However ACE was a typically well supplied variety store, and the Dollar General had a gallon of milk for $1.00.  

Looking forward to a night at anchor for our next stop.



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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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