First River Anchorage- Twin Sisters Island

It was a quiet night at Heritage Harbor, as our group of three boats planned to move down river to an anchorage for the following night.

With plans for an early departure, Dave had grilled brats and pork chops for quick meals on the go.   Days are getting shorter- it was dark by the time the grill was turned off.

Today we will lock down 17 feet at the sixth lock.    Starved Rock Lock & Dam is at mile marker 231. If you recall, the Chicago lock was mile marker  327, its easy to calculate how far we have traveled on the Illinois River– the mile markers will descend until we reach mile 0 at Grafton.

We motored past Starved Rock Bluffs and noted that it would be a nice anchorage if we ever come by this way again.

Starved Rock Lock and Dam.  Arrived 9 am,  left at 1PM.

4 hour wait for barge traffic.  Actually anchored outside the channel just upriver from the locks, and the other two boats rafted off our anchor one on each side.      The lock priority is to move the barges, there were waiting barges to lock up and lock down, before we would get our turn.

The lockmaster indicated it would be several hours wait, gave Colleen another chance to pull our her sketch book!




Once in the lock, we  tied up to starboard, and moved through with several other pleasure craft boats that had arrived after us.

The water has been high along the shores, Our speed is typically about 10 mph, then slows down to prevent our wake from causing issues at the shores.

We also passed a car ferry in one area where  the bridges are few and far between.  Hopefully drivers are aware to wait for the ferry when they hit the end of this road!

Night at Anchor

This was our first night at anchor on the river.  The guide we use is called “Navigation Notes” by Alan Loyd,  the anchorage suggested is Twin Sisters Island.   When we got to the correct mile marker; just motored in behind the island and all three of dropped anchor for the night.   Buttoned up the hatches agains river bugs and enjoyed the evening.

We anchored with Port Bonheur, Enterprise on either side of Moon Shadow.

Today we enjoyed the scenery of Eagles, birds, and cabins on stilts.

Tomorrow will pull anchor and head to a marina again.  Reservations have been made at the Illinois Valley Yacht club, IVY club for short.







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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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6 Responses to First River Anchorage- Twin Sisters Island

  1. Sharon Perlick says:

    Enjoy hearing your chronicles on the river. I’m afraid that the waiting and slow pace would drive Doug crazy!! Loved your painting, Colleen. The Yacht Club tomorrow – my that sounds upscale! Looks like you are enjoying good weather. Sharon Perlick


  2. Teresa Lasher says:

    How was the IVY club Marina? Great to meet you in person today at The Alton Marina — even though Steve met you in Chicago first. Look forward to seeing you down river. Steve & Teresa, aka Sanctuary.


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