Real Racine WI. 30 miles ahead

One last peak at Milwaukee as we head out the main harbor entrance  towards Racine.

Pleasant run south with very light winds.   Approached the Racine Harbor, maneuvered through the break wall, quick turn to port through the first marina entrance, then to starboard then back to port side (left) into the center fairway- watch for dock E7;  turn left and slide into our slip with a port tie-up.   Easy Peasy.  Very cool to see our friends from the Jill Kristy wave us in and help with our lines.

This is a huge marina with Pool, Hot tub, a bar and restaurant on site.    The four of us jumped in our dingy and took a tour around the marina; and also went up the river a bit.   Next day we walked to town for lunch; passed several restaurants and shops but not really a hopping town.   Looks like the action may have moved out to the highways.

When we needed milk and bread it required  a short run on our bikes to a convenience store- actually only 10 blocks or so.

It seemed like a good idea to stay a few extra days due to storms rolling in.  Plus Dave negotiated an extra free night for Looper status.


Others opted to beat the storm and took off about 6 am- Colleen took some going away photos.


Leaving early was a good choice, a sailboat left a bit later in the day as the winds picked up-its hard to see through the waves crashing on the break wall.

A bonus to staying a few extra days, we met another looper- “Lucky Ducks”, they plan to leave next week and will likely be traveling a few weeks ahead of us.

Enjoying the slower pace, but ready to move on again.   Headed out of Racine at 8am Monday – next stop will be Waukegan ILL.





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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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