Lake shore summer festival Manitowoc WI

Its always fun to arrive in town when the summer festivals are in full swing. In this case the Lakeshore festival was all weekend.     There were bands playing each night, a silent auction, dinners and events all weekend raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

The dragon boat races took place on Saturday.   The teams were colorful and competitive.

     Colleen had the “mom cringe” when she realized many participants were cutting up their new team t-shirts to personalize them!   

Snip -Snip -and the colorful shirts became sleeveless, had slits in the back or slices on the sides; some were cut so they became tank tops or tied shoulders.    Very ingenious.  

There were multiple teams of 18 paddlers, a sternsman, a drummer and a flag catcher.   they took turns using the same two dragon boats; then had elimination matches all day.   The flag catcher crouched in the front of the boat and leapt forward to catch the flag at the last moment.

8.6 manitowoc dragon race (2)

The drummers kept the beat as the paddlers counted out 1,2,3,4.


If the quantity of tourist brochures being printed is any indication of the economy- life must be good.   Every town has full color booklets to hand out promoting events, advertising and history.  (Only the occasional historical museum still has black and white photocopies to hand out, with handwritten notes).  Regardless, each day Colleen reviews and highlights the “don’t miss” sights and plans our day in port.

   Dave is a good sport and has agreed to tour the art museums, historical sights and ice cream shops in exchange for tours of submarines, car shows and the Harley museum in Milwaukee.  

Speaking of submarines, Manitowoc has one on display.  We toured it and learned that submarines were built in this area during world war II.  

Colleen had time to add a few sketches to her travel journal:

IMG_9582   IMG_9583


The Britins ( a Beatles tribute band) ( )entertained on Saturday night; and a breakfast was enjoyed on Sunday as we cheered on the  5K Color Run  racers as they crossed the finish line.   

In between events, we managed to take some photos of the local buildings and signage to remember our visit.

So ends another post with lots of random information and very little actual boating!  We toyed with the idea of fishing with our dingy but spent the time ashore instead.

At this rate, our great loop trip may take longer than a year.

We stayed three nights then moved south again.  Next stop will be Sheboygan.   Home of the wonderful boardwalk along the river and I hear there is a trolley that goes around the downtown area all day for $1.    Gotta love a bargain like that ; lets go check it out. 


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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