Motoring past farms, silos and bluffs to Manitowoc WI

Door county is tourist towns with nautical shops and ice cream parlors.  Sturgeon Bay was bustling with large cruisers along side the industrial Laker barges and tall cranes prepared to service or load cargo. Manitowoc is expected to be more of a fishing town.

We had left the marina about 8 am; (same time as the tall ships were leaving).   One last photo opportunity as we passed under the bridges and entered the canal.

 We pulled out of the canal into Lake Michigan and set our course for south following the shore line.  The Coast Guard is stationed at the mouth of the canal.   Dave took a few minutes to fill out the log book.


The view became distinctively different – the beaches were replaced with high sandy/ clay bluffs.  The shops and villages replaced by barns with tall silos standing proudly next them.   The fences and farm land is what I would picture for Wisconsin- rural cows, corn and dairy land.


    Actually between Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, Wisconsin boasts more than 1000  miles of Great Lake shoreline.     This gives ample opportunity for tourism along with industry and farming to coexist.

 The forecast is light winds and calm seas; so we decided to pass by Kewanee and Two Rivers and head for Manitowoc.    Today we will follow the shore for about 52 miles and will see farms, silos, power plants and a few beaches.

well marked harbor, and smooth waters.  Took advantage of auto pilot as it was over 50 miles at 8 knots.   The wind picked up a bit as we approached the harbor.  


Manitowoc is the home base for the Badger ferry,   The ferry carries cars and passengers from Manitowoc Wisconsin across Lake Michigan to Ludington on the Michigan side.    The badger is 410 feet long and is steam / coal fired.  Capacity is 620 passengers, 180 automobiles, also takes  tour buses, rvs, motorcycles and trucks. It is the last coal burning steam ship in the U.S. It completes a trip in about 4 hours covering 60 miles across the lake.  The ferry saves about 3.5 hours of travel time ( compared to the 411 mile drive time from Manitowoc thru Chicago to Ludington). 


No obstructions or challenges getting into our slip, two dock hands were standing by.  Well, we were fine until it felt like we put the brakes on hard.   The dock hand knew what happened  – he said lines get caught on the pelican pole.  A quick inspection found the neatly tied line hanging on the far rail had indeed caught as we slid into our slip.  A quick adjustment and we were snug in the bay.

Glad to secured; and watching the weather we had had just managed to beat the storm that was approaching.  Enjoyed another nice sunset, flew our AGLCA looper flag and settled in for a couple days in Manitowoc WI.

Next up- summer festivals.




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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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6 Responses to Motoring past farms, silos and bluffs to Manitowoc WI

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good to hear from you guys , enjoy world famous bbq try and avoid hitting any gators I think you might get a fine for that , or they cook it up for you.


  2. Scott says:

    Pick me up a tshirt in Florida ,ok?


  3. The Baileys says:

    We have been loving your blog, Colleen! Your writing and photos are so good. Enjoy!


  4. mnsailors says:

    Very rainy and hazy lazy day here. Last night we watched sail boats arrive finishing the clipper race from Muskegan, MI to Port Washington – they were still coming in after midnight! Weare deciding whether to continue on to Milwaukee .


  5. Joyce Berdie says:

    Nice. Really like your blog format. Wondering if you’ve got rain now like we have in Frankfort? May put off leaving for Sleeping Bear Dunes today.


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