Play another day in Menominee Mi

Do you rely on your vehicle like we do- drive to town, to pick up a few groceries, go to library, see friends, do errands?  Then you will understand the feeling of “what next” when your wheels drive away leaving you standing in the parking lot.   Ok we have wheels; two wheels each.  Our folding Dahon 20inch bicycles will have to do.   

Someone had mentioned to Colleen that there was a nice park north of town- easy access by bike.   We could get a glimpse of it from the marina; how hard could it be to find?    We peddled off along the lake shore thru some nice shaded neighborhoods.  Then hit highway 42 ( a bit more traffic, we took to the sidewalk).  Forgot our map, so just headed north on 42; through town, past industrial, past the gas stations; no park.    Turned toward the lake again on hwy 35 – saw a sign for the park.  Continued on and found a very busy park- bikes, cars, picnics, beaches.

     On the ride back we took photos of a few interesting shops we didn’t have a chance to visit.  plus there is interesting architecture to appreciate.  Here are a few examples- several people recommended the landing for dinner and Colleen always appreciates the old churches.  Many other interesting shops to check out next time we are in the area.

We came, we saw, we headed back toward the marina and next stop—Ice Cream shop.     (I know some readers are avid bikers and may not identify with those of who get in the car to go a mile)IMG_8916


Relaxing back at the marina, Dave researched diesel prices to decide if we should top it off before leaving in the morning.    Menominee $ 2.90.   Sturgeon Bay  $ 2.15.  Decided to wait and watch for the best price.    A little change from the old sailboat days when fuel was pretty low on the priority list.

Our galley is well stocked, we have filled our water jugs with fresh drinking water and we have tidied up the boat and stowed any items that may fly around if the winds pick up.

   Small conveniences can be a very appreciated.   In this case the drinking fountain that doubles as a water bottle filler spout was very much appreciated to minimize plastic bottles.    Odd that it was in a marina that did not provide any receptacles for recycling.     The daily can man hung around the marina and we would give him our cans- not the most efficient recycling program.   Always felt bad to see him digging in the trash cans- why not have a separate recycle container?   

Once again we met other boaters with advise on where to stay and also tips on boating in the south.   Its so interesting to see how other people have chosen to fulfill their dreams.  We meet people by chance, for instance a neighboring boater helped us with lines and we ended up chatting and meeting on walks several times.   We may see them next on our trip as we pass through Alabama along the gulf shore.

Next up get ready to see the Tall ships!


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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