First guest on board at Menominee -Sending our Car Home.

Looking forward to sharing the boat with family, and this week Colleen’s son Brent was able to take time to drive with us from Minneapolis to Menominee MI to see the boat, spend a few days then take our car home.  Boating with no car to go back for signals the real start of our trip!

The Dahon folding bikes have become a big hit.    Colleen and Brent  biked over to the pier to see the Menominee channel marker/ light house up close.


And what could make a Mom more happy than sharing the fly bridge with her son at the helm?  !!

blog brent and colleen flybridgeBig smiles as Mom shares the helm with her son!!  We waited all day for the winds to calm down then took a short run out towards Green Island.   Hardly noticed as the winds started to kick up;  within 2 hours we were returning to the harbor with gusts up to 20 knots.   Glad the marina dock hands were still on duty to catch a line; they are open til 8 pm.     Brent has been on our previous boats (sailboats on Lake Superior) so it was a treat to have him learn more about our “new” trawler.

We tried out the radio, the chart plotter and the GPS and Dave  demonstrated how to turn on a dime with the twin  volvo Penta engines.


We went to the Ogden Club and really enjoyed it.   We went for appetizers and had excellent chicken wings and nachos.  Visiting with the owner,  she mentioned her home town of Barnum Minnesota.   Small world as Brent has  hunting land in that area with his Dad and brother.  A good laugh over that connection!  The Ogden Club is a block from the marina , and has been remodeled and restored to former glory.  They were able to pull down the false ceiling and siding on the front to expose the original décor.

Appreciate a little bit of old with the new.     Great variety of wine and beer too.

By Friday, the marina was busy getting ready for the 100 miler sailboat race.   It has been shortened to a 42 mile race to door county and back, but is still called the 100 miler.  Go figure.     Lots of big racing sailboats. beautiful site. IMG_0605

We loaded excess stuff into the car such as large cooler, extra grill parts and items we changed our mind about.    waived good bye, as our car and guest headed home without us.

All in all a great weekend.  No wait; its not the weekend yet; we arrived on Tuesday!!

Life is good.




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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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