Exploring Egg Harbor Door County

When we boated in Lake Superior; the wilderness of the Apostle Islands, Isle Royale and Canada were our favorite places.   When exploring Door County we envisioned going to the northern most point and finding the remote anchorages.   Reality check – we encountered higher winds than expected for this time of year.  The French Porte des Mors passage  means  door of the dead or commonly Deaths door, it is the gap between Green Bay and Lake Michigan and the waters can be tricky to navigate. Historically many shipwrecks in that area.  Perhaps  our next trip will include Washington island and Fayette.  For now,  It seemed we would take the very popular route of harbor hopping from marina to marina- and take in some touristy sites and restaurants instead of wilderness!     So with a slight change in course , we decided to head south and stay in Egg Harbor for a few days.


Egg Harbor Marina


Beautiful weather- gentle breeze and blue sky followed us the 15 miles to our next destination.  Again we were lucky to get a reservation for a Friday as this is a smaller marina.  We actually arrived at noon and were told via radio that check in would be at 2 PM.    This gave us a chance to anchor near the local beach and watch jet skis, kayakers and paddle boards traverse the area.

The dock hands recommended a local BBQ Restaurant, so we walked up the hill for dinner at Casey’s BBQ and Smokehouse.   Excellent choice.

Passed several shops, one with a take one-leave one library out front.

Scattered around town are a variety of art sculptures- many incorporate the egg theme!  The market was a short walk and had everything a person would need to provision.  Lots of Cheese as we are in Wisconsin.

Our bikes came in handy again when we found the outdoor concert about a mile away. When was the last time you listened to traditional Blue Grass?   The band had been together over 25 years and drew a big crowd.  We were the only people with out chairs or a blanket.  Next time, carry a picnic blanket aboard! .


As in any travels- bring comfortable shoes.    almost every town along Door County has been at the base of  a hill- many with towering cliffs in the background!


Dave was concerned that the dinghy motor was acting up- we took it for a spin and sure enough it died.     Made it back after a few starts, and Dave spent some time changing spark plugs and checking it over.


All in all, I found Egg Harbor even more appealing than Sister Bay or Fish Creek.    The variety of shops , art sculptures and scenery is a real treat.


Egg Harbor Sign Post




fish sculpture egg harbor

We really liked each of the other towns too- I guess they keep getting better.



The morning was rainy, but did not stop the triathalon – Runners  came down the hill and past the marina and just kept coming.  Hundreds of runners !     Kudos to the volunteers that kept cheering them on and handing out water as they ran past .

Next up, will be a night at anchor.    We spent a enough time pampering ourselves as tourists, now back to a free night at anchor.

Feel free to leave a comment- any requests or questions and we will include it in our next post.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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