Fish Creek with Running Free and Moon Shadow

After a lovely night at anchor on the north side of Chambers Island, we woke to the task of checking the weather forecast.  Radar showed a thunder storm approaching, so we waited til 10 am to leave.   It dissipated just west of us , but looked to be bringing heavier winds.  As Running Free left the anchorage motoring west to go counter clockwise around the island; we opted to head east (clockwise) .   They were in a sailboat and would sail in beam seas; we preferred to head into them.     It was a rock and roll ride down strawberry Channel.  With the fly bridge zipped close, it was sprayed and foggy; with it open, we actually caught a few sprays over the bow and into the fly bridge!!     ( our fly bridge is about 15 feet above the water line for reference).   Nothing scary, but a bit uncomfortable- especially when trying to stand steady with binoculars to locate markers and buoys.

We smiled as we entered the harbor and looked over our shoulder to see Running Free not too far behind us. Its not a race; but always nice to come in first.      We were met by dock hands to help secure us to the T dock; and watched Running Free pull in right behind us.   We all appreciated the hard land after a couple hours of wind and high waves.     now for some fun of a different kind:

A little exploring on the new bikes; we found sunset beach-  Dave likes to try out different settings on his canon camera- especially moon shots.       IMG_0359

Colleen gets decent shots with the iPhone.

Joyce and Colleen were happy to check out some of the local shops.  We all visited Hat Head eventually to get our boat hats!    The market had a nice selection for provisioning.  Found some ice cream to bring to dinner on Running Free the night before we left.

Our breakfast out was at Pelletier’s- we opted for breakfast not the fish boil.


I’m afraid this blog is more about what we do on land than on sea; this will be the case as we spend 2 weeks in Door County.  Then home to see family before we take off with out a home base and start moving south.      Our next decision is whether to stay on the Wisconsin side or cross back to Michigan..    Several boaters have recommended the Michigan side for great marinas and cheaper slip rates.   This may be the deciding the factor.

We joined all the islanders at sunset beach again our second night- the wall was full of photographers and on lookers.     Then we said goodbye to the crew of Running Free and headed north toward Sisters Bay.  They will be watching for a weather window to continue south through Sturgeon Bay and on down the coast of Michigan.  What a great time to share with Joyce and Carl- they are a wealth of knowledge on cruising and we found we were taking notes to remember some of the tips!     So far we know to listen to locals; accept an invitation when asked even if new acquaintances, watch the weather , take your time and enjoy every day!


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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2 Responses to Fish Creek with Running Free and Moon Shadow

  1. Wendy Wilson says:

    We might catch up with you. We leave in 2 weeks from Sandusky!


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