Moon Shadows First Night at Anchor

Our float plan is to depart Marinette Mi by 11 am  on Sunday and set course 60 degrees NE to Chambers Island.  Distance- 13 miles.  Slight change of plans:  as it was so nice to have the truck, we decided to do a few last minute provisioning before heading out at about noon.     We also sorted a few excess items and put them in the truck.   Seems our boat is getting full and the goal this trip is to eliminate any items that we thought we needed but don’t.

Captains meeting with Running Free- IMG_8172

The short crossing was a comfortable SW 10   knot wind, and we motored along at 9 knots.  Took 2 hours to get to the bay on the north side of Chambers Island.

Timing worked out as we arrived shortly after Running Free had anchored and they were able to watch us as we attempted our first anchorage with Moon Shadow.  Always nice to have an audience!   Moon Shadow has xx feet of chain,  a   xxx anchor and best of all- an electric windlass.    Colleen will remove the safety pin and strap, step on the “down button” and watch the chain feed out.IMG_8175


  • We didn’t have a chance to check the chain for length markers.  It has zip ties at intervals- but we don’t know what they indicate (25 feet or 50 feet?) note to check the markers at a later date.
  • The charts indicated a deep hole in the bay.  Duly noted and we dropped in shallow water.  By the time the anchor set, we were hovering over the deep  hole so decided for a redo.
  • Good practice for the winch:   found it tends to jam.    Dave has a good view from the flybridge and was able to give “suggestions” to Colleen as the chain needs to be unjammed to pull up the anchor.
  • This was a good time to move to a proper depth; a  good distance from the other boats.   Dropped anchor, reversed to set the anchor;   dragged.    Put winch in up position to try again. …..   Jammed.    Seems if the chain has slack it catches up with the boat and jams.   No worries, just takes practice.


Not to be discouraged by a minor malfunction, we moved on to the electric dingy davits to drop the dingy in the water and take it to shore.    We have scrubbed the dingy, Dave tuned the motor and only remaining task is to start it up and make sure it floats.

The motor is 15 HP. This thing flies.  We joined our friends at the beach till the biting flies came out.  Life is good on the water.  IMG_8178

Back on the boat, it seemed a good evening to get in the galley and preprep food for the next few days.   Colleen was anxious to try out the new electric skillet and had meat that had thawed out during our travels– so cooking it all up was a good plan.  Menu this week will include steak fahitas, pork chops , and steak sandwiches.

The evening winds came up and was a bit rolly at anchor; the rain and forecasts in the morning prevented us from leaving until 10 am.   For the next stop – Fish Creek.



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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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One Response to Moon Shadows First Night at Anchor

  1. Al & Deb Wray says:

    Sounds like another interesting and rewarding day on The Great Adventure! And we can certainly imagine what the “suggestions” sound like, from familiar Captain/ First Mate experiences! Enjoy the nicer weather coming!
    Al & Deb
    “Serenity Now”


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