Weekend in Menominee mi marina

Hoping for no audience as we enter each new marina.   That’s not going to happen when you are assigned the bulkhead next to the city park on a Friday afternoon.     Dave did a great job pivoting to the wall and backing into the position as instructed by the waiting dock hands.    The couple sitting on the park bench commented “ this isn’t your first rodeo”. 

   Great compliment as each docking is different and you never  know what to expect. !IMG_7634


The Menominee Marina is noted for having a great boaters lounge.  They have renovated an old city water plant to a wonderful facility.   It features interesting artifacts to represent its original roots; plus nautical décor for the boaters.   There is a self serve continental breakfast of waffles available for free will donation on weekends.   And of course it has a shelf for free books to exchange,  the take one or leave one rule applies!

Throughout the day, folks would stop by and chat about our boat.   The transom says our name and port as Minneapolis.   We could overhear people commenting “ how did they get here from Minneapolis? “    Actually we chose Minneapolis as a nearby city to where we live, not that we keep the boat there.     On the loop, the boat and home port are referenced by the lock masters at times, so we kept it simple.

It was great to settle in for a few days; but we still didn’t have our car.    It was parked in the lot at Mackinaw City, :MI.       Dave dropped a hint to a few people for ideas on getting a ride–   we didn’t want to go Greyhound as it made several stops and left a 1AM.     Plus would  require a taxi to the  pick up point as a local gas station.

We had a nice visit with a boater  who introduced himself as Ed from dock L ; he stopped by to chat and make suggestions for places to visit in the area.      Later he offered that he and his wife would drive us to Mackinaw city to get our car.    It’s a 3.5 hour one way drive; so what a generous offer.      Ed and Ellen picked us up on Monday morning and off we went to get the car .     So for the cost of gas and little more; we had a very pleasant ride, visited all the way and made new friends!     This is something we will certainly pay it forward  if we run into boaters needing a ride .


Saturday we listened to Praise by the Bay concerts throughout the day.  Some better than others.   We really enjoyed the evening group,   Sarah Reeves , and purchased a CD.     Image result for sarah reeves broken things

 Another advantage of doing the blog; we have connected with a few other future loopers.    Chuck on Somewhere in Time  had emailed us with their boating plans; and they are slipped in Nest Egg – just a few miles down the river.    We met them for drinks and had a great time comparing notes and plans for leaving the Great Lakes in September and starting the river portion of the loop.



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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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  1. Joyce Berdie says:

    Nicely written Colleen. Enjoyed reading it.


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